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Ok this is what we need to work on in practice

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  • Ok this is what we need to work on in practice

    All week we should work on how to stop a SLANT we got killed by them last night and all the DB's need to learn how to defend the SLANT because every team will be hitting us the same way, Quick Slant here, Deep Slant there. And the safeties need to learn how to help out every one knew Romo was going to the left side our SS and FS need to take chances some time Ed Reed whould have had a field day with all them slants SMH ...... So with all that said I still love my team and I think we can bounce back but all next week this should be our focus....

    if you agree you agree but if you don't, don't try to bash me I am just speaking out I still and will always bleed blue

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    Coughlin said in his presser after the game "its like they never seen a slant before." it was funny the way he said it.


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      Well, when you have a defensive coordinator who wants the CB to sit in a zone 8 yards off the WR instead of pressing and having your CB man up, that is what you get. Can't stop a slant, can't stop the 5 yard dinking and dunking to the RB.