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  • Upon further review

    Rolle is most likely going to have to play corner, while will hill is going to have to step into Rolle spot. this is assuming Prince is not cleared to go in 10 days, or Coe is more hurt that we are being informed. Nothing to worry about just an adjustment.

    Me personally i don't think the answer is finding outside sources @ DB
    Coe didn't terribly get torched / and C-Web was over thinking too much on the field.

    With O-line the run blocking was horrendous the Pass blocking wasn't something to write home about but wasn't the reason we couldn't move the ball on the first sack they overloaded a blitz to Dehil's side Snee couldn't even give him help he was occupied. on the second Sack that was all deihl letting ware through, i thought they were going to slide bennett to where ever Ware lined up on both those sacks they didn't motion bennett over.

    Holding on Kiwi was infact there, he would of stopped murray for a loss on that. that play could of been the momentum shift we needed to get back in the game.

    Webster has to catch that interception, that was a pick six in the books.

    Jpp was held on that 9 yd romo run

    Execution was the major problem, i wanted to balme the play calling as well but thats too easy, upon re watching the game wiffed blocks, jumping on double moves, drops, Eli held the ball a little too long on 1 or 2 plays just throw it away, overthrown balls.

    all in all it wasn't as horrible as it looked, rusty play, i think the reason why it hurts or why most posters jumping off the proverbial bridge is becasue it was the cowboys.
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    Well said I agree if we lost to the Bengals people wouldn't be as devastated. We still have one more game against them and last time we lost to them in the opener we won the SB.
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      Good points. I disagree on a couple, but overall good assessment. Don't know.that the playcalling was suspect, was more so the execution (which I know you stated, now Im just stating it). I think it definitely only seems worse cuz its the Boys. Keep in mind we were real close despite the bounty of errors.


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        Seemed like Diehl was getting pushed backward on every play. Can't stand Baas, I seem to always remember him staring over Eli on the ground last season, and I can't say I really expect much more for this season, either. I will agree with you that it isn't as bad as the board seems to make it, but it was far below what I though we would see last night....
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          I agree that given a scenario of Tryon on the field again or moving Rolle to CB and getting Hill on the field, we should move Rolle and play Hill. I'd like to see what Hill will bring. But by next week Amukamara should be back and Hosley will also get more reps so there isn't a need just yet to do those things.

          Also that was the worst I've seen Webster look in years. He's much better than that and he has a lot of pride so it would be shocking to not see a better effort.

          One thing is for sure, there will be a lot of attention given to defending the slant this week.