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Re-Focused: Cowboys @ Giants, Week 1

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  • Re-Focused: Cowboys @ Giants, Week 1

    On the Giants side of the ball, PFF discusses JPP's silent peformance, coverage concerns with Rolle and Webster, and David Diehl's switch to the right side of the line.

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    3) A change of sides but no change of fortunes

    The Giants’ reaction to David Diehl’s diabolical 2011 season (-47.2 overall grade) has been to switch him over from left tackle to right tackle. However on the evidence of this opening game that has merely moved the problem, not remedied it. Responsible for two sacks, five hurries and providing absolutely no movement in the running game, Diehl (-6.0) put in the type of performance we have become accustomed to over the last few seasons. What’s more it seems that the Giants are all too aware of this if the amount of help he was given is anything to go by. In spite of the signing of Martellus Bennett, one of the premier blocking tight ends in the league, the Giants still chose to use William Beatty as a sixth offensive lineman and each time he was right next to Diehl. That was in addition to the Giants keeping Bear Pascoe and Bennett in to block five times to Diehl’s side, while Ahmad Bradshaw was left into help out on 12 plays (and a further three called back for penalties). This begs the question as to how long the Giants can keep Diehl in the starting lineup; when he is getting beaten on an outside pass rush by a run stuffer like Kenyon Coleman, surely the time has come to move on?

    unfortunately that says it all. it really is getting close to the point where the entire offense is held back by a RT...the 2 sacks he gave up were awful and he was getting stood up and playing way way too high. pains me too bc hes a selfless warrior whose given everything he has for the giants, but at some point, u gotta get him off the field.
    lockler at RT beatty at LT


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      David Diehl's play has been sloppy the past several years. He can't play Left Tackle, Right Tackle and even struggled when moved to guard (which was suppose to be his natural position). Diehl also plays through injuries, and that hurts the team as well...Why do we continue to pay this bum. NEWSFLASH REESE!! We play against Ware, Trent Cole, Jason Babin, Orakpo, and Kerrigan in 6 games out of the year....Those are 6 important games in this DIVISION.

      The Cowboys, Eagles, and Redskins has done everything in their power to rebuild a Offensive Line because this division has some of the top pass rushers in the league. And lets not just blame Diehl, as a unit this Line is piss poor including Chris Snee. There was almost no movement at the point of attack. If theirs a stalemate at the Line...The Defensive Lineman always win, doesnt Reese know these things?
      " In Reese to Sign a Bust"


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        No way was JPP silent, Romo just made him look like a fool on some plays.