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  • I hate to do this...

    With all of the negative and dramatic posts in here lately, I really hate to do this, but honestly, Coe, Tryon are not going to be the answer at Cornerback. The secondary was awful last year even with Ross who is a bazillion times better than both of those two guys combined. I'm not worried about C web, he will be fine and the past couple of years has really proven to be a solid CB for us. I just read Prince isn't going to be ready for at least week 3. I know the Giants have plans for Hosely to be our nickle guy, and really I was hoping for that to and just watch him develop, but it looks as if we might have to ask this kid to step up and play outside. Even if Coe is fine to play next week I like our chances with the unproven rookie. It can't be much worst than Coe or Tryon or Johnson. I mean hell, i'm just rambling, but I mean realistically, the pass rush can only do so much, QB's and offensive coaches aren't dumb, they will exploit our pass rush by throwing quick passes... COUGH COUGH SLANTS!!! and they will continue to eat Coe and Tryon alive. We need a solution out there. I'm not the doom and gloom type of fan, but Reese needs to work some magic and figure something out, or let the rookie step up. Are there any decent CB's in free agency, or any kind of young talent?

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    I agree, I was pissed that they didn't give hosley a shot after Coe got hurt


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      I don't know what to expect out of Hosley quite yet, I mean is he a nickel corner? can he play the #2 spot?

      But I can tell you that Tryon is definitely not starting material. I know he had to come in when Coe got hurt and Prince being out, but Tryon is good for nickel packages and ST.


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        It is what it is, they didn't stop the Slant, we've had problems with that before I'm sure TC will have that fixed for game 2.


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          Until we figure out an answer, KG needs to step up our short passing game and match points.