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Preseason Dallas vs Giants

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  • Preseason Dallas vs Giants

    All in all not too bad a showing for the first preseason game of 2012. O-Line needs a little work improving run blocking, receivers need more practice to be better at actually catching the ball, and the "trainers" are show especially needing improvement kinda weak especially in the area of the CB's.Perhaps when the cuts come there will be a few trainers available. And was that Tiki reverting back to not holding the ball up and tight? I thoight he was over that. But, as I said, not a real bad showing for the first presesaon game evenwith HS referees and judges. Ah, thank you so much NFL.What's that honey, you say it wasn't preseason and it was game one of the regular season? Oh, man, and me living outta the area, I purchased Sunday Football Ticket so I can get every Giants game. BTW do you guys know the Jets landed Tebow? I woulda thought the NFL channel and ESPN, the Jets and the newspapers would have at least said something.
    Well perhaps the Yankees might win again, who knows