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ONLY reason i have a little hope is...

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  • ONLY reason i have a little hope is...

    ...eli manning, the guy did as good as you can do with 0 pass protection and dropped balls here n their, if this o-line can get better and block for bradshaw we could easily return to the super bowl but its just not gonna all of the sudden happen its impossible, like i keep saying which im sure im annoying people with, but we gotta line up in the empty shotgun its just time it really is time, its time to change it up, eli seriously looked great im so happy he is our qb if we didnt have him wed be so bad, and from the looks of it its starting to loook like we could see his first injury with this o-line and that is the last thing we need is for eli to get hurt, he could have an mvp type season if we can just protect him.

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    No need to panic after one loss but I am concerned also after seeing that abysmal performance by our offensive line.

    We have Eli Manning as our QB and he can keep us in it till they figure itout like last year but damn it he shouldn’t have to. A lot of folks refuse to realize that we were on the verge on collapse last year if it weren’t for Eli Manning keeping us in it. A lot of folks want to argue that he didn’t carry us last season but if there was ever a QB that carried a team, it was Eli Manning last season. Guess what folks? The other coaches and other players in NFL for the most part are not stupid. Dallas Cowboys took a page out of our book when we play NE Patriots. When we play NE Patriots, Eli Manning controls tempo of game and extends drives eating up clock to try and control time of possession in order to keep Tom Brady on sidelines. On our last scoring drive in SuperBowl XLVI, Eli Manning wanted Ahmad Bradshaw to go down to eat up more time instead of scoring right away so as to take more time off clock to make sure Tom Brady had the least amount of time with the ball. Dallas Cowboys made sure to control TOP and to make sure Eli Manning didn’t get the ball back at end of game. Word is out that in order to beat NY Giants you have to limit the amount of time Eli Manning has the ball. Other teams will be attempting to do what Dallas Cowboys did the other night.

    Our offensive line was abysmal and Eli Manning took some hard hits. Dallas Cowboys were in our backfield all night. Our defense also had a bad collapse. They gave up a TD on a 1st and 30. That should never happen.

    I do have faith and confidence that we will rebound from the loss and throw Tampa Bay Buccaneers a beating. It is apparent that Eli Manning is going to carry us again this season till the rest of the team gets it together. However, the luxury of catching rest of NFL by surprise is now gone. Every team will be looking to smash SuperBowl Champions and as Eli Manning has already stated, 9-7 isnt gonna be good enough this season. The teams in our division went out and addressed their needs and improved. We are the only team in NFC East that didn’t address our most pressing concern this off season. That concern was and still is our offensive line. They need to get it together and fast.

    As long as Eli Manning is our QB we have a chance and we are to be feared by rest of NFL. However, I would like to see him not have to take so many hits and get some help a lot earlier this season.

    I bELIeve.