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Our O-line bas struggled since we signed Baas

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  • Our O-line bas struggled since we signed Baas

    I hate to point fingers, but I'm going to point here. Boothe needs to be moved to center, Baas to guard. We are getting absolutely no push up front with Baas at center in the run game.

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    No point in finger pointing, Diehl cant block anyone, Snee is only 30 but seems like he is already breaking down. Boothe spent most of the cowboy game on the ground. Locklear was probably the only guy who played reasonable, and thats only because hes a RT who was playing LT and Im giving him a bit of a pass because of it.


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      Should have Eli line up 20 yards back and get David Carr to toss the ball to him.


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        +1, ur not wrong, but he only a part of a larger problem on the Oline. No wonder we get no runs in the middle, they make no holes for the rbs n get no push off the line, heck I can't even remember when they last time shed a blocker n got to the 2nd level. Very sad.