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  • Week Rookie Impressions

    Some impressions I had from week 1 rookies that are either on the Giants or we've talked about having wanted for the Giants (or I'd seen in a lot of mocks for the Giants):

    Dave Wilson: Clearly has break out potential. Clearly his ball security issues weren't over stated. I think he catches out of the backfield better than people realized. Blocking/blitz pickup is a work in progress. Overall he's about what I expected when we drafted him at this very early point. Minor concerns about how he handles adversity.

    Ruben Randle: No show (kind of disappointed we didn't see him in the game at all).

    Jayron Hosley: Rookie mistakes but has play making ability. I think he can hang in this league but I'd like to see him shore up some of those rookie mistakes (he seems intent in making each one at least once). Would have liked to see him play more considering our lack of depth in the secondary.

    Marcus Kuhn: Pleasantly surprised by this guy for such a low pick.

    Other Rookies Who I've Seen in Giants Talk: (in no particular order)

    Doug Martin: Again about what I expected. Solid running but without the explosive potential that I've seen out of Wilson.

    Chandler Jones: Looked dominating ... great motor.

    Donta Hightower: Looked very solid and heads up.

    Stephen Hill: Very surprised he was so good (although it was a lost Bills defense). I was very leery about this guy because of his lack of experience throughout college but he showed that he's not only fast, but has tons of physical skills (strong hands at the point of attack). Dropped balls still plague him however.

    Dontari Poe: Yeesh ... no motor, no skills.

    RGIII: Not mentioned with the Giants but having to play against him, he has me worried. Looked very fine in his debut ... wonder how much of that was the Saints sleeping on the Redskins and how much was the Saints off-season crap distracting them. We'll find out next week.

    Coby Fleener: Looked very sharp even with the poor outing by Luck. I think we'll be hearing his name a lot in the future.

    Dwayne Allen: Coby Fleener definitely has flashed more than he has at this early date.

    Mike Adams: I think he's going to get Big Ben hurt. The guys who said he was weak were totally right (guess those bench presses at the Combine do mean something).

    Cordy Glenn: Not bad in a thoroughly depressing offensive effort by Fitzpatrick. Didn't give up a sack, although had some near misses. Definitely not one of the problems on that team.

    Those are really the ones I caught the most out of Week 1. Anyone else see anyone flash or fail?
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