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Where to watch in Harleysville, PA?

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  • Where to watch in Harleysville, PA?

    Does anyone know of a good place to watch the Giant games near Harleysville, PA? If you don't know where Harleysville is then you probably can't answer my question. I am looking not only for a place that has the game but also some Giant fans here in the middle of enemy Eagle territory!

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    The game might be on there on regular cable, you never know. Check this site out, by Wednesday of every week they will have a pretty detailed map, geographically, of which games will be broadcast.

    It seems like next week their is a conflict for where I am currently living. Ill need to find a cough *legal cough cough website to stream the game. Anyone know of any good cough cough *legal sites to watch the games online? Help would be appreciated If i miss the Tampa game I will kill someone.

    Sorry to get off topic OP, I really don't know. Good luck though, wear any Giants gear loud and proud down there!!


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      I live in Lansdale so I'm close to you, I actually get the games with comcast. Its not going to be easy finding a giants bar around here. I am about 15 minutes away from you. pj whelihan's is a good place to watch the game.


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        There's not a Hooters out there somewhere??