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6 days after the loss, still don't know what to think

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  • 6 days after the loss, still don't know what to think

    First, the Cowboys o-line is a shambles -- multiple offsides calls, players out of position, center hurt -- and we have a healthy D-line that ate up the best in the NFL last year in the playoffs. And what happens? They shred us in the last 3 quarters.

    Second, DeMarco Murray is caught in the backfield -- and everyone on the D goes to sleep. From the SB champions?

    Third, Cruz looks like he's back on the sandlot -- simply clueless. And without a contract extension. What?

    Fourth, Eli even looks out of sync -- missing Hixon all alone at the goal line. What is wrong?

    How can ALL THESE THINGS happen in the 1st game of the year against a hated rival?

    Lastly, most every other team that won this weekend relied heavily on rookies -- but Reuben Randle sits. Claiborne plays big for thre Cowboys, Griffin for the Redskins, even the WR for the Jets has 4 big catches? Don't you get the sense that refusing to play young talent is almost a guaranteed way to lose in this parity league? Did we just luck out last year?

    Look -- hopefully this was a fluke -- like the losses agains mediocre teams like Seatlle and the Redskins last year.

    But I'm really concerned.


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    We'll be fine lol.
    No one remembers who came in second.


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      Originally posted by jomo View Post
      We'll be fine lol.


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        Just sac up
        The Gigalo with the most below


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          Come on -- what was wrong? Why such a lackluster performance? Makes no sense.


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            Calm down.
            Mood: WOOF!


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              First game jitters....SB that we lost but we'll be fine. This board loves to panic too early.
              I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.


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                I've stopped caring about it. It's nothing we haven't seen before.


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                  Originally posted by Mick Jagger View Post
                  Come on -- what was wrong? Why such a lackluster performance? Makes no sense.
                  If you're a true Giants fan, it makes perfect sense..


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                    wow just wow. big plays, mistakes, and flukes all happen every game. that murray run, it doesnt matter if we were SB champs or not, just a flukey type thing that happens. sucks. but r u saying that u believe dallas showed how superior they are to us on that run play, like that it was their skill that got them that run, or flukey, blown tackles?
                    QBs miss throws every game too. it happens. of the 31 passes eli threw, he missed MAYBE 3? everything else was on the numbers.

                    I do agree tho, I would have liked to see more Randle, and even more Wilson despite the fumble.

                    My feelings 6 days later? That we were clearly the better team that first 20 min or so, but with the fumbles, and the dropped passes, like so many times before, it set the stage for mediocrity. we couldnt get out of our own way, combined with 3 or 4 flukey, big plays for Dallas (the murray run, the 1rst and 30 TD, the no call on the holding on Cruz on 3rd and goal) and Dallas won. I am pissed with the lack of Osi and Tuck too, but thats something that will rectify itself. We had beaten Dallas, what 5 in a row or 5 of the last 6? sometimes teams are just due too.

                    I fully expect a dominant performance vs TB


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                      Dallas had that game circled in red, with stars around it since the schedule came out. The Giants...didn't. A divisional loss is never a good thing but the silver lining about it is all the feelgood yeay us stuff from last season got smacked right quick out of their mouths.

                      They'll be fine. They know they have to play.


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                        Regardless of their History, every game matters, and the players should play like every game matters,

                        from First to Superbowl

                        From Reports, and even Nicks Randle was playing like a Pro, so why not put him in opportunities, he played Two snaps i believe

                        they also have to Utilize Wilson more,

                        it's kind of redundant posting this a forum, the Coaches don't read it and take my or our advice,

                        just getting personal thoughts out


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                          I hear where the OP is going from and i really dont care how Dallas perceived this game. The point is, we were at home for the first game of the season. Celebrating our SB win with Giants great and we never truly showed up. I will say this.... I wonder how differently the game would have played out if wilson never fumbled.
                          That's why we discuss, We all have different perspectives. Ride and Die with the NY Giants


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                            Cowboys won. Can't change the past. Have team learn from mistakes and look forward to the 'Bucs.

                            We still have another game against the girls, and we play them at Eli Stadium.
                            For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

                            Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!


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                              Only thing to do is look forward and focus on the next opponent...looking forward to TB!!!