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  • Time to pick it up list

    Prince - I know you are a rookie but you are a #1 draft pick and you have been horrible

    Aaron Ross- an expereinecd high draft pick who has been beaten like an old rug on too many occasions

    Antrel Rolle - time to have your play match your mouth

    All LB's - can you guys ever make a proper read or defend a pass, this is the NY Giants we are talking about

    Mario - time to stop the dropsies, offense needs to score on almost every possession and we don't need any more blatant drops

    Perry Fewell - you better or will be looking for a new job in 2012

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    Re: Time to pick it up list

    Justin Tuck you can add to that list.

    some say he's still injured, so can't blame him much, but it's time to step up a bit or get him on the bench and have someone else that is capable .

    Other than that, I have to add thew hole defense to that list with a few exceptions.

    Guys, it's time to make TACKLES.


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      Re: Time to pick it up list

      Ross, Rolle, and Tuck have been garbage this year. Holding out hope for Tuck and Rolle but it's time to give Ross his parting gift and send him on his way.


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        Re: Time to pick it up list

        Please addSEASON TICKET HOLDERS(or anyone going to the games for that matter) to the list.....

        The place was the loudest it's ever been (strictly speaking about the new digs) for the GB game......need that same atmosphere for these next 3 games at GIANTS STADIUM......