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This game will tell us a lot about this team.

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  • This game will tell us a lot about this team.

    It's too early to call this game a must win. But with that being said, after the wake up call against the Cowboys, I excpect to see this team come out very motivated, and well prepared. I expect them to execute well, and I expect our proven talent to lead by example and get the job done. Do not take this team lightly. Their defense made a big statement last week. We need to come out and score early and knock their confidence level down a few pegs.

    With our schedule this year, this is not a game we can really afford to lose.

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    They better come out fired up and playing hard every snap. Vets, rookies, all of em. They need to do all the little things right and if the refs allow mauling on the line, then maul them back dammit! This team needs to slice and dice this team to show the world we are still hungry to win it all, again.