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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Sunday, September 16, 2012 GAME DAY

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Sunday, September 16, 2012 GAME DAY




    Eli Manning;'s career day leads Giants to 41 - 34 victory against Bucs

    Excerpt: "Eli Manning threw for a career-high 510 yards Sunday as the Giants rode their two-time Super Bowl MVP to a 41-34 victory against the Tampa Bay Bucs at MetLife Stadium.The Giants avoided an 0-2 start only because Manning overcame a horrific start -- for him and his teammates -- and raillied in the fourth quarter.
    The Giants scored 21 points in the fourth quarter to take a 34-27 lead with 4 minutes to play, but Josh Freeman found Mike Williams deep down the left side for the tying touchdown shortly after.

    Manning had a miserable first half, throwing three interceptions -- each of which led to touchdowns for the Bucs, including a 60-yard interception return for a score by Eric Wright." Read more...

    Giants upset about Buccaneers' "dirty play" on final kneeldown

    Excerpt: "Tom Coughlin and Greg Schiano have differing takes on the final play of the Giants’ 41-34 win against the Buccaneers today. But the Giants left MetLife Stadium yesterday upset about what they considered a “dirty play” and “cheap shot” as quarterback Eli Manning kneeled down to run out the final five seconds on the clock.
    Manning was knocked to the turf on the play. According to several Giants players, the Buccaneers defensive linemen dove with their helmets at the knees of the Giants center and guards -- and told them Bucs coach Greg Schiano ordered them to do so.

    What could be seen on the TV broadcast was the inside of the Bucs defense crashing down on the Giants’ linemen, who were pushed back into Manning.

    “That was a first,” Manning said. “Obviously, I think it’s a little bit of a cheap shot. We’re taking a knee, we're in a friendly way, and they’re firing off. That’s a way to get someone hurt.” Read more...

    You grade 'em: Ginats vs. Buccaneers

    Excerpt: "Giants fans, here's your chance to grade Big Blue in their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Assign your grades in the polls below, and then drop down and leave a comment explaining your thinking." Read more and VOTE...


    Veteran running back Ahmad Bradshaw is "quareterback of the running game"

    Excerpt: "Ahmad Bradshaw has learned, and learned the hard way, the sacred commandments for a Giants running back to see the field.

    Keep three points on the football: The hand, forearm and bicep. Never relax with the ball. And yes, hold it “high and tight,” the longtime mantra of Tom Coughlin and his running backs coach, Jerald Ingram — a phrase Ingram attributes to the late special teams coach Frank Gansz, part of Coughlin’s Jacksonville staff, though that’s beside the point." Read more...



    Eli Manning puts Giants in the hole then bails them out in thrilling 41 - 34 win over Tampa Bay
    Excerpt: "
    The Giants had just scored three touchdowns in the final seven minutes, to cap an incredible fourth quarter that saved their season and
    Eli Manning
    was finally able to take a deep breath. With victory assured, he went down on one knee.

    That’s when the game really got wild.

    With their fate already sealed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tried one last desperation move, driving hard through the line of scrimmage and knocking one of the Giants’ offensive lineman back into Manning. The “bush league” move, as Giants guard Chris Snee called it, had Tom Coughlin so mad he lectured Bucs coach Greg Schiano on the field during their handshake after the Giants’ 41-34 win.

    Even the mild-mannered Manning – who rebounded from three first-half interceptions to throw for a career-best 510 yards and lead the Giants to three fourth-quarter touchdowns -- called it “a little bit of a cheap shot.” Giants defensive end Justin Tuck vowed “It won’t be forgotten.” Read more...

    Cruz pays tribuet to Grandmother

    Excerpt: "For a moment, there were no cheering fans in MetLife Stadium on Sunday afternoon. There were no wild Buccaneers defenders, and there was no fourth-quarter deficit.
    As Giants wideout Victor Cruz took the final steps into the end zone after an 80-yard catch-and-run midway through the fourth quarter, he heard and saw nothing. All he could think about was his grandmother, Lucy Molina, who had died on Monday at the age of 77.
    “It was almost like the place kind of went silent,” Cruz said. “And I was just there dancing with her. It was just a good moment for me.”Cruz’s 80-yard score brought the Giants within two points of the Bucs in Big Blue’s 41-34 come-from-behind victory. But to Cruz, it was even more important. His trademark TD salsa dance that followed was less about celebration and more about honoring Molina, the woman who had taught him to salsa years ago. Cruz did a few dance steps, then pointed skyward.“Right as I was done, I kind of looked up and held my hands up to her, letting her know that one was for her,” he said." Read more...


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers' OC Mike Sullivan found breaking up with NY Giants hard to do

    Excerpt: "The job Mike Sullivan was offered in the days after Super Bowl XLVI was the opportunity of a lifetime. He knew the chance to be an offensive coordinator in the NFL was too good to turn down.

    But with ticker tape still on the streets of the Canyon of Heroes and memories still fresh in his head, it turned out his decision wasn’t so easy. Sullivan had just won his second championship as an assistant with the Giants. It was tempting to stick around and try for a third.

    “There’s no question it was a very, very difficult decision for me,” Sullivan told the Daily News from his new office in Tampa last week. “It was difficult, especially being in a situation where we were, at the top of the mountain." Read more

    Despite loss to Cowboys, Giants know slow start to the season can still lead to the Super Bowl

    Excerpt: "
    Eleven days ago the Giants took the field as the defending Super Bowl champions. On Sunday afternoon they’ll take the field as a last-place team.

    Not that they’re worried. They’ve been here before.

    “In my 10 years, it seems like every year it’s been something like this,” said Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. “So there’s no panic. We’re all right.” Read more...

    Gola's playbook: Tampa Bay Bucs (1-0) @ New York Giants (0-1)

    Excerpt: "KEY MATCHUPS

    RBs Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount vs. MLB Chase Blackburn

    The Cowboys gouged the Giants' run defense for more than five yards a pop in the opener while the Bucs relied on their running game to control the clock for over 37:00 against the Panthers. The Bucs are going to want to shorten and slow this game down. They know Josh Freeman (tried only one first-down pass last week) can't match Eli Manning throw for throw and the best way to counteract that is to get to the second level against a still suspect LB corps. The quick and elusive Martin doesn't mind going inside. He was taken a pick ahead of Giants RB David Wilson in the April draft and ran for 95 yards on 24 carries in his debut." Read more...



    Eli throws for 510 yards in Giants' second half rally over Buccaneers

    Excerpt: "Eli Manning needed a near-record performance to make up for his own mistakes and help the Super Bowl champion New York Giants avoid a second straight loss.
    Manning threw for 510 yards and three touchdowns and capped the second greatest passing day by a Giants’ quarterback by setting up Andre Brown’s game-winning 2-yard run with a 50-yard pass that lifted New York to a wild 41-34 victory Sunday over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    The game featured four touchdowns in the final 6:48, and ended with some postgame squabbling between Giants coach Tom Coughlin and Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano. Coughlin screamed at the former Rutgers coach after Manning was knocked down on the final play because the Bucs went all out to try to force a fumble on a kneel-down." Read more...


    Big Blue can erase memory of opening day loss today vs. Tampa

    Excerpt: "
    First games of the season always are ripe for over-analysis, and the Giants have been on the couch for what seems like forever — with

    11 days elapsed between their 24-17 loss to the Cowboys and today’s meeting with the Buccaneers.
    Heck, the Giants have scattered on bye-week breaks as long as the three-day weekend coach Tom Coughlin granted them before getting back to work. The Super Bowl champs in their 2012 debut didn’t do much of anything right the first time around, including — if you listen to Coughlin and his players — a sluggish approach to the way they prepared." Read more...

    Time to Buc trend

    Excerpt: "The Giants have said all the right things in the aftermath of their season-opening loss to the Cowboys. They vowed they weren’t panicking, that they would practice harder, study harder and take nothing for granted.

    Most of all, they said they had faced adversity before in their careers and responded, and see no reason why they can’t do the same now. They point to 2007, when they started 0-2 and won their third Super Bowl. They also point to last season, when they were 7-7 and on the brink of elimination from the playoffs and wound up beating the Patriots, again, in Super Bowl XLVI." Read more...

    Serby's Sunday Q&A with...Steve Weatherford

    Excerpt: "
    Giants punter Steve Weatherford kicked back for a Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby.

    Q: Would you agree that you march to the beat of a different drummer?

    A: Oh sure. ... I mean, I’m a different guy. A lot of people like it, and a lot of people don’t, but I’m me. And one thing I like about being a Giant is I don’t have to act like somebody else. Tom [Coughlin] likes his team to be very uniform, but he lets me be me. He doesn’t bottle me up. I’m an energetic guy, and he really likes that. Because energy and positivity, it’s an infectious thing. Negativity’s the same way. So if you have a guy that’s ho-hum and oh-man-the-glass-is-half-empty type of guy, he’s gonna bring other people down. So I think Coach Coughlin likes my energy, likes my positivity, but there’s times where he’s like, “Hey, tone it down a little bit. You’re being a little too boisterous.” Read more...

    Jason Pierre-Paul: Replacement refs not calling holding

    Excerpt: "
    With replacement officials again patrolling the field today, Jason Pierre-Paul is bracing for another game without getting the benefit of the doubt on any holding calls he feels he deserves.

    “If they’re not going to call holding, you’ve got to find another way to get there,’’ Pierre-Paul said.
    The three Giants pass-rushing defensive ends — Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora — weren’t able to muster a single sack or even a quarterback hit in the opener against the Cowboys. They didn’t come out and complain about the lack of holding penalties, but they did mention the novice NFL officials weren’t making many holding calls." Read more...

    Big Blue pass rush revved up

    Excerpt: "
    Robert Nunn could not believe what he was seeing.

    The frustration was not solely in the fact that the Giants' star-studded defensive line – the unit for which he is responsible – was coming up empty in its first chance to shine.

    There was also an uncharacteristically-frightening lack of discipline in terms of technique and responsibility, all of which ended up turning what was supposed to be the greatest strength of the reigning Super Bowl champions into a non-factor on opening night.

    "It was still a real close game, and it seemed like we just came off the field at times, I didn't think we had our composure," Nunn said, referring to the defensive line. "I thought we were searching, trying to make big plays instead of just trusting what we do, trusting our technique, trusting what we work on every single day. I kept telling our group, 'Don't worry about swinging for the bleachers; just play small ball and let the home runs come to us.'

    "And I just felt we were pressing, searching and we never hit any." Read more...



    Giants vs. Bucs Matchup

    Excerpt: "What's at stake

    Giants: It has been a restless and humbling 11 days since the Cowboys ruined opening night and there has been enough criticism to go around. For the first time since the 1970 merger, the Giants begin the regular season 0-1 while the rest of the NFC East got off on the right foot with a victory. With another game in four days in Carolina, the urgency to play well is extremely high. CB Prince Amukamara (ankle) was limited in practice all week and is listed as questionable, which likely means CB Michael Coe (hamstring) gets another start on the outside. WLB Michael Boley is expected to reclaim his starting job, with Keith Rivers (hamstring) doubtful. Offensively, the pressure will be on the running game and rookie David Wilson, whose first-quarter fumble against the Cowboys forced Ahmad Bradshaw to shoulder the entire load. All eyes will be on WRs Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks; the former is looking to prove he has moved on from three drops in the opener, the latter wants to show he continues to progress from off-season foot surgery. TE Martellus Bennett should have extra motivation to perform opposite his brother Michael, a starting DE for Tampa Bay." Read more...





    GIANTS 101

    Giants defeat Buccaneers 42 - 343 in thriller

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants played some terrible football on Sunday. Not only did Eli Manning throw three interceptions (one of which was returned for a touchdown), but Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Vincent Jackson had his way with the Giants defensive backfield throughout the game. In short, the Giants appeared flat, and defeated for three quarters of the game.

    However, in typical Eli Manning fashion, Big Blue scored 25 points in the fourth quarter to secure a thrilling 41-34 victory. While the Giants defense had their issues throughout the day, this unit came up big when it counted. Needless to say, the Giants are not going to win many more games if they turn the ball over three times. There is a lot this team needs to improve upon if they want to survive the NFL's toughest schedule. That said, a win is a win, and the Giants needed one badly today.
    Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the mixed from today's matchup." Read more...


    Giants' Marvin Austin could make NFL debut against Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Excerpt: "New York Giants defensive tackle Marvin Austin has not played a meaningfulfootball game in over two years. After being suspended for his senior season at North Carolna, he missed all of Big Blue's 2011 campaign with a torn pectoral muscle. To exacerbate his injury woes, Austin missed a majority of the team's preseason with back issues. However, tomorrow may be the first time we get to see the team's 2011 second-round pick in regular season action.
    "

    Giants vs. Buccaneers: Week 2 preview

    Excerpt: "The New York Giants didn't have an ideal start to their 2012 season, as they lost a frustrating opening matchup with the division rival Dallas Cowboys 24-17 on kickoff night. New York came out of week one as the only team in the NFC East without a win but as they did last season, avoided panic this week and immediately shifted their focus to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are coming off of a 16-10 win over the Carolina Panthers.

    New York doesn't want to have to dig themselves out of an 0-2 hole, and with the way their schedule shakes out in the second half of the season, this is about as important a week two game they have played in recent memory." Read more...



    Tom Coughlin: Coach lauds his team's character

    Excerpt: "
    The New York Giants have a habit of digging themselves out of messy situations, and they did it again Sunday in their 41-34 come-from-behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Coughlin recognized the character of his team after the victory.

    "A lesser group of men would have had trouble," Coughlin said during his post-game press conference. "We hung in there and we kept playing. We obviously went back and forth there, their quarterback hit a couple of big plays late. Our quarterback hit some big plays. So it was right down to the wire. Thank goodness, we are so happy to be 1-1 at this juncture. There is plenty of stuff to correct and we'll work to get that corrected. But it's a lot better correcting it when you win." Read more...

    Eli Manning says 510 yard game was "fun"

    Excerpt: "Buccaneers vs. Giants 2012: Eli Manning Overcomes Shaky 1st Half, Throws 510 Yards in Wild 41-34 Win (viasbnation)
    Even in the modern, pass-happy, NFL a quarterback putting up 510 yards passing in a game is something you would really expect to see in a video game. That, though, is what Eli Manning did Sunday in the New York Giants' back-and-forth 41-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.[Related: Manning's performance, by the numbers]"It's fun. As a quarterback you like to throw it. You like to be in that mix and spread them out and see what they're doing; have some runs, have some throws, and mix things up and obviously it's fun when guys are getting open and guys are making plays and you're seeing things - you get to fight back and especially the first half, you're frustrated and you're angry and then you get the excitement of coming back and see it happening. See the rally happening, see your defense get fired up and our offense thought their defense was getting tired there.," Manning said. "We thought we'd be able to sit back there for a little and make some decisions, so it's not the situation you always want to be in, but it can be fun." Read more...

    Tom Coughlin has words for Greg Schiano

    Excerpt: "New York Giants
    coach Tom Coughlin obviously did not like the hit
    Eli Manning
    took on the final play of the game Sunday, with the Giants in victory formation. Below, you see him giving Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano a piece of his mind.
    "

    Giants 41, Buccaneers 34: Instant analysis

    Excerpt: "Did anybody see anything Sunday afternoon from the New York Giants that they really didn't expect during the wild 41-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

    Other than Andre Brown (13 carries, 71 yards) being the leading rusher I'd say this was pretty much par the course for the Giants as we have come to know them." Read more...

    Giants 41, Buccaneers 34: Manning passes for 510 yards as Giants rally

    Excerpt: "
    Well folks, it can't get much closer, or crazier, than that.
    The New York Giants rallied for a heart-stopping, hair-raising, 41-34 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, narrowly avoiding an 0-2 start to the 2012 NFL season.Eli Manning threw for 510 yards and three touchdowns as the Giants (1-1) came out on top in a wild fourth-quarter finish. One, incidentally, that ended with coach tom Coughlin giving rookie Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano an earful after Eli Manning was knocked to the ground on the final play with the Giants in victory formation." Read more...






    Giants' Amikamara expected to play today



    Giants' Game Day: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Excerpt: "One of the things that spins my head is the regular contradiction that I hear from players and coaches. For example, some Giants spoke about having the bitter taste of defeat still lingering in their mouths from the season opener. Yet others will say that the past is the past and this week is all that matters.

    In my opinion, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Everyone knows that the Giants embarrassed themselves on national television last week with a sloppy and at times, intensity lacking effort against a division rival (by the way, I don’t buy the “season is a marathon” argument either because a loss to a division opponent is HUGE regardless of when it happens).
    "













    PFT's week 2 picks

    Excerpt: "Last week, MDS and yours truly disagreed on only one pick. I trusted the J-E-T-S, and he didn’t.
    So I finished 11-5, and he’s already in second place with a 10-6 mark.This week, we’ve doubled our disagreements. Which means that there’s a good chance I’ll be in second place by next week at this time.Tune in to PFT Live this Thursday and every Thursday for MDS and yours truly talking about three or four of Sunday’s games. And, yes, there may be gloating.

    Buccaneers at Giants

    MDS’s take: Greg Schiano had his team playing exactly the kind of tough, physical football he promised they would play in Week One against the Panthers, while the defending champion Giants looked surprisingly out of sorts in their Week One loss to the Cowboys. But the Giants are still the Giants and the Buccaneers are still the Buccaneers, and Week One will look like an anomaly when this game is over.
    MDS’s pick: Giants 27, Buccaneers 10.Florio’s take: This is the kind of game that Giants could have lost, if they’d beaten the Cowboys in Week One. But since the Giants lost to the Cowboys in Week One, they’ll be guarding against another letdown — and quarterback Eli Manning will do what he has to do to propel the team in an early must-win situation.Florio’s pick: Giants 27, Buccaneers 17." Read more...









    Giants' Beatty must win back LT job

    Excerpt: "The Giants are going with Sean Locklear at left tackle for now. Will Beatty, the projected starter whose promising 2011 season ended after 10 games, is back healthy and practicing, but he's a backup at this point."There will be no change there unless I let you know," head coach Tom Coughlin said this week when asked about the situation." Read more...







    Tebow denies that he'll ask for trade, or live in Hoboken
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    Thanks Roanoke! Blount is a load, his a big guy and could give us problems up front.


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      Originally posted by Captain Chaos View Post
      Thanks Roanoke! Blount is a load, his a big guy and could give us problems up front.
      I'm hoping we cause all of the problems for the Buccaneers.
      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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        thanks Roanoke!


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          Remember when a game like this was called a "trap".
          Thanks and hoping for good reading tomorrow.


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            Originally posted by Old Giant View Post
            Remember when a game like this was called a "trap".
            Thanks and hoping for good reading tomorrow.
            We need our guys to play every one of those 60 minutes
            “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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              Originally posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
              thanks Roanoke!
              You're welcome
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