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What a great game!!

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  • What a great game!!

    Eli threw for over 500 yards and made another comeback.
    Victor redeemed himself and got one for his Grandma 179 yards
    Nicks was a warrior playing through injury and racking up 199 yard wish he got two more yards.
    Bennett redeemed himself when we needed it.
    Kenny Phillips with a game saving hit and bright spot in that thing we call a Defense.
    On top of all that nothing said team first more than Coach Coughlin standing up for that puss move at the end.

    On to the big white elephant in the room. OUR D
    They need to fix their problems because we are going up against some good offenses in the coming weeks. We need our corners to step up. Our pass rush needs to get a lot better especially for the talent we have out there. It is going to be a long season if our D keeps playing like that.