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    #1 - QB- Eli looked like a bad high school QB in the first half. He had one where he threaded the needle to Cruz between like 4 defenders. Perfect laser pass. And a few drops, 2 for TDs but on the same drive. Everything else was garbage. Those INTs were kindergarden mistakes. Then, came Eli Time, AKA the 4th quarter. He looked like one of the best QBs to EVER PLAY THE GAME. I think that last 10 minutes of the game was the best 10 minutes Eli ever played. 243 yards, 2 TDs the last 7:30 of the game. Wowsers. The comback kid made up for his horrible start.

    #2 - WR/TE/RB- Cruz is back to his big play, catch everything self. Glad he bounced back, especially since he is on my fantasy team. Nicks was a man among kids out there. And he was playing on a sprained ankle. Never cried about it. Just did his thing and dominated. Eli's excellent passing helped out as well in the end. Bennett may be the best TE physically we have had since Shockey. He does drop em here and there, but he is a beast when needed. That TD was sick. Hixon, Barden made the most out of their opportunities as well. Im telling you, Barden can play if given the chance. Why no Randle though? Only saw him on STs. I hope Hyno is ok, that looked like a bad back injury. Brown playing like he wants the starting job.... AND HE GOT A RING! Why no Wilson again though? Kinda disappointing our draft picks arent playing much. Hope Bradshaw is ok as well. Oh, and we should just cut Jernigan since he doesnt play and is inactive anyway and bring back Douglass, who was better all around then JJ.

    #3 - Oline - Looked a lot better minus Mr Diehl, hate to say it. Looks like Diehl should be hanging them up soon. Beatty played very well out there. Boothe was solid. Baas, well he still stinks in my opinion. He was pushed around quite a bit. Snee was good. and Locklear was solid. Cordle did a solid job coming in and cleaning up.

    #4 - Lack of pass rush. Fewell needs to blitz more. There is no question. Freeman had all day to make pancakes and play a game of solitare before hitting a WR. It is embarrassing. Send the heat. Blackburn even got a sack on the blitz. Send it more Perry. Mix it up!

    #5 - Im 50/50 on the last play of the game. It doesnt happen in the NFL and it is the victory formation and all so the defense doesnt have to act like sore losers, but at the same time, they were only down 7 points. Giants have done some dumb stuff in the past. I think Coughlin may have gone a bit overboard, but I feel Schiano saying "I did it at Rutgers" shows he still thinks this is college.

    Also STs was very good with the exception of one return in the game. Tynes and Weatherford are a great duo. DeOssie is a solid LS.
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