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Need help-heinz field zone at giants staduim? what the hell...

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  • Need help-heinz field zone at giants staduim? what the hell...

    --Ok,let me explain.Im along time user of this forum.Many people know me and know im stuck working with stealer fans and jets fans.The steelers fans told me today first off,eli was lucky--second that the giants are paying money to the steelers? I asked what the hell are you talking about,,,they said they heard the giants game and papa or cross mentioned something about ''scoring in the heinz redzone'' in giants staduim(metlife). Now,i havent been to the staduiim in a year,but isnt it the verizon redzone (like madden) or something.I watch the games,not listen to them on the radio. I dont get this 'heinz' crap.I know pepsi(dammit) and verizon are big corporate sponsers.I never,ever saw a heinz log at the staduim.Did something change?Heinz owns heinz field and part of the steelers.If they are right and the giants are using or whatever this 'heinz' stuff,doesnt the steelers/heinz get credit/royalities.
    --Ok,i know this is pretty petty and crap,but this is the kinda crap i gotta deal with everyday at work.Can someone please clarify this? is the heinz redzone just for radio or a one shot thing? With the injuries to bradshaw and deihl,i hate to ask this,but im not sure what to make of this.Please someone tell me they are just messing with me.

    Sorry for posting this,but i need answers to shut them up,hope someone can help.
    '"Respect All,Fear none'''

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    I have no idea, but the Marra's and Rooney's have a very good relationship. I'm pretty sure one of the Marra's is married to a Rooney. So anything is possible I guess.


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      I wonder if its just a radio thing,or something.
      '"Respect All,Fear none'''


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        Haha, maybe I don't understand how advertising works, but I would think if they're mentioning Heinz than Heinz would be paying in that relationship, not getting paid.


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          As far as I'm aware (which isn't much), Heinz has sponsored the Giants (read as: paid money to the Giants for advertising), to call the redzone, "The Heinz Redzone," on the Giants radio broadcasts.

          If anything, the Steelers are paying money to the Giants.


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            Well lets clear up some things 1st, cause your friends seem to be misinformed.

            #1 - Heinz is the name of a company. That company owns the naming rights to the stadium the Steelers play in. It does not own or isnt owned by the same people who own the Steelers. It is just a company based out of that area. I could be wrong, but I believe that company is not related at all to the Rooney Familiy(owners of the Steelers)


            #2 - Advertising Heinz products in no way helps the Steelers or their owners. It only helps the Heinz company. But, even if I was wrong and it did help make them money, there is still 1 huge hole in your friends argument......

            and that is

            #3 - The advertiser pays for advertising space. Therefor, Heinz is paying the GIANTS to advertise in their stadium, not the other way around.

            Keep in mind though, the Steelers owners and the Giants owners have always been the closest of friends. In fact, they have a marriage between them that I FULLY ENDORSE because it has led to the offspring of 2 actresses Kate and Rooney Mara. In fact, I think it is entirely time that marriage produce more daughters. You hear me RooneyMaras? Get to work.


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              No idea!