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NY Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the players form 1 - 53

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  • NY Giants' roster power rankings: Rating the players form 1 - 53

    Excerpt: "
    Here are your weekly 2012 New York Giants' Roster Power Rankings. We started this a week ago, and it seems like it was well received, so we will keep doing it.

    After the jump you will see a good bit of shuffling. Including some moves up and down the board that seemed pretty unlikely before Sunday's game."

    1. Eli Manning -- Maybe you were ready to argue about this after his three-interception first half on Sunday. Now? After a career-best 510-yard passing performance in a rousing 41-34 come-from-behind victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers there is no argument. LW: 1

    2a. Hakeem Nicks -- After a 10-catch, 199-yard performance that showcased determination as well as raw ability Nicks moves up the ladder. LW: 5

    2b. Victor Cruz -- In all honesty you can't really separate Cruz from Nicks. They help each other, and they help Manning and the Giants. An 11-catch, 179-yard game for Cruz on Sunday re-affirmed how special he is. LW: 3

    4. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Didn't so much move down this week as Nicks and Cruz moved up. LW: 2

    5. Antrel Rolle -- The play he made knocking the ball out of Mike Williams' hands toward the end of the game Sunday might have been a game-saver. LW: 9" Read more...
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    This list lost credability for me when he put Tuck at number 7. IMO, he belongs right below Blackburn, for now. Webster is a little high also. That pick, is really hiding the fact that he has been brutal so far.