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Giants secondary and O-Line

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  • Giants secondary and O-Line

    Headlines read "Giants concerned over secondary giving up big plays." Is this a "what came first the chicken or the egg?" With the abscence of a pass-rush in the 1st two games the pressure to cover in the secondary increases substantially. The opposing QBs are not under pressure by the vaunted front four giving them time to pick out targets and throw, and the receivers can't be held in check forever. Some of the sacks we've seen occurred because of tight coverage. This is not just a secondary issue and I for one am left wondering w***up with the D? The whole D is giving up alot of points

    Too many of us are all over Reese about the o-line, but Brown made some good runs through opened holes, and Eli is getting protection, and that improved even after injury inTB game to Deilh causing yet another reshuffling. Perhaps his injury has resulted in an improved personnel combination. Perhaps we fans need to realize also that these O-lineman need time to develop into NFL players and off and off injuries to starters are one of the ways to get baptism under fire and to continually feed in youth. I am hopeful this new combination is the ticket going forward

    (PS: couldn't find any posts on this in the first 3 pages when I wrote, so)