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Giants vs. Panthers 9/20

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  • Giants vs. Panthers 9/20

    Whats up? Taking my 10 year old daughter to her first Giants game in Charlotte on Thursday 9/20. Been all over twitter trying to see if any fellow fans are gonna be tailgating before the game. Of course the girl will be with me so nothing insane! lol...Just trying to hang with some fellow fans before the game.
    Got buddies going that are panthers fans but I dont want to hang with them. I want us to hang and meet some fellow Giant fans here in Charlotte.

    Hopefully some fans are gonna be there...Go Giants!!!! Cant Wait!!!!!

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    My wife and I will be at the game.We live here in Charlotte and huge Giants fans.We will be in the first row,first seat by the tunnel where the giants will be coming out of.Took my 7 yr. old to a preseason game last year to the giants play the panthers.


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      Moved to Charlotte from NY and go every time Giants come to NC...Be corner endzone
      ALL IN!



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        i will be wearing number 72 and my wife will have on number 21.The name is Rick.