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Big Blue Fans going to Carolina... where is the party??

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  • Big Blue Fans going to Carolina... where is the party??

    I have always had the most fun meeting up with fellow Giants fans at away games, so I figured I would reach out and see if there are any good organized events in Charlotte, also wanted to see if anyone knew the lay of the land for tailgating there, and where those attending would be. Making the trek from Atlanta with my fiance in the AM, got killer seats, now want to know where the real BLUE Bloods will be partying!!!

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    We need to see what your fiancÚ looks like first before we continue this conversation....


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      LOL.... she is very hot, wish I could post a pic from my ipad while driving... but we are enroute. And she too is a huge Gmen fan. For a 5'2" girl, she knows more about football and the Giants then most of the guys I meet! Thats why she is a keeper!


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        The Buffalo Wild Wing thats connected to the NASCAR HALL OF FAME is a cool place to go and its not that far from the Stadium.
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          Tailgating at Bank of America Stadium


          I'm flying into Charlotte from Florida on Saturday to attend the Sunday game.

          Two NY friends recently moved to the area, we have tix, and we're hoping to tailgate.

          I hear that the stadium (Bank of America Stadium) is basically in the middle of the city - rather than surrounded by huge parking lots like Meadowlands.

          And that if you want to tailgate, you have to find paid parking lots that allow that.

          Does anyone have any experience with this - and any suggestions on good spots - logistics - or any other useful advice?

          There's a little bit of info here but not much (also shown below)...




          Fans with assigned parking will receive information and details that will be mailed with their season tickets. Other ticket holders will be responsible for their own parking arrangements. There are more than 30,000 parking spaces within a 10-15 minute walk of the stadium. Parking operators lease parking spaces on a game-by-game or seasonal basis near Bank of America Stadium.

          Tailgating Guidelines

          Tailgating activities can create special risks to public safety due to the use of multiple open-flame cooking devices in close proximity to people, vehicles, buildings, structures and combustible vegetation. These guidelines are established to provide a set of minimum safety measures to be followed by persons wishing to engage in such activities.
          Open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated within 25 feet of any building or structure and not within 10 feet of any motor vehicle.
          A minimum clearance of 10 feet shall be maintained between any open-flame cooking device and dry vegetation, combustible materials, trash dumpsters or receptacles, or in close proximity to anything that can create a fire hazard.
          Any parking area or lot being used for parking and tailgating activities shall be provided with metal containers for the safe disposal of coals, cinders or hot ashes. Containers shall be clearly labeled "For Coal and Ash Disposal Only." Any other trash receptacle or container shall not be used for such purpose.
          Every effort shall be made to ensure that any coals or cinders are extinguished prior to disposal.
          Open-flame cooking devices shall be attended at all times and shall not be used in parking decks or in any manner that will impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
          Any other type of outdoors burning or open fire, which is not part of a cooking device, is strictly prohibited.