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  • ELIte

    From an article on by Albert Breer (there's also some stuff on Marc Ross in there, too!):

    EliManning is now a top five quarterback.And this is, to be clear, not a reaction to his scintillating effort in Dallas in a game the Giants had to have. It's more because he's now a 4,000-yard (and potential 5,000-yard) passer, and has proven himself to be the kind of quarterbacking chameleon that his brother Peyton and Super Bowl XLII adversary Tom Brady are. Eli has adjusted to situations exceptionally well. From 2005-08, he hadPlaxico Burress, a youngerBrandon Jacobsand, for most of that time,Jeremy Shockey. Since, he's helped in the development of young receivers (Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith,Mario Manningham,Victor Cruz) and tight ends (Kevin Boss,Jake Ballard), and guided the offense through transition in the run game as well. To me, that's what the best quarterbacks do -- remain steady even as things are changing around them. It's why Eli is now, indeed, elite.

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    Re: ELIte

    Only a non-Giants fan or troll would think otherwise.