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Giants' vs. Panthers, what to watch for

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  • Giants' vs. Panthers, what to watch for

    Excerpt: "
    The New York Giants (1-1) face the Carolina Panthers (1-1) in a difficult Thursday night road game for the defending super Bowl champions this evening. Here are a few things to watch for.

    How the Giants defend Cam Newton:

    The Carolina quarterback is really unlike anyone else in the league, and the Panthers run an offense unlike any other because of it. They use shotgun all the time, and they utilize lots of read-option type running and designed quarterback runs. How will the Giants handle that? Will they have a 'spy' on Newton much of the time? The short week hurts the Giants' preparation. What helps the Giants, though, is the athleticism of their defensive ends and the fact that they have Michael Boley, Keith Rivers and Jacquain Williams -- linebackers who can run.

    The Giants' secondary:

    The problem here is the same one that has existed for the past several seasons, no matter who has been back there. When the pass rush doesn't get home the Giants are susceptible to the big play. The return of Prince Amukamara (high ankle sprain) might help, but he is admittedly less than 100 percent. Whether the Giants change their scheme or not, Corey Webster has to play better than he has the past couple of weeks. However they do it, and whoever they do it with, the Giants have to cover better than they have the first two weeks." Read more...

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    It seems like teams are getting the ball out quicker to negate our pass rush. Apart from Steve Smith, Carolina doesn't have many other explosive receiving weapons so hopefully our front seven will be able to contain him. I think he helps a bunch that Rivers is returning. It's nice to have our most athletic group of linebackers in years. I just wish our defense as a whole, or the team for that matter, could stay healthy.