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The decline of Legends

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    It's very rare for a player to retire when he's still playing well....AND play for only one team. Even Johnny U played for the Chargers. Perhaps that's what kinda special about Phil Simms...the guy's last year ('93) was one of his best...AND he only played for us....


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      The points made by the OP are ridiculous. I dont understand "hes not into it anymore" when hes playing better than 95% of the NFL. Doesnt make any sense whatsoever.


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        Originally posted by Morehead State View Post
        It doesn't take an "expert" to see how well Brady played during a time that you claim he started his decline.

        "The way he talks?....Give me a friggin break!
        I suppose he means he doesnt "celebrate" TD's as much as he used to. Bradys reaction after scoring a TD in the superbowl will tell you everything you need to know about where this guys head is at. I dislike the pats, but I respect good players. Brady is not only good, but one of the greatest ever.


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          Originally posted by fourth&forever View Post
          I believe they will get a serious (1st round) replacement for Eli ONLY when his decline is obvious.
          Eli is already 31 i believe , he was red shirted played and extra season in college , i still see him as young, but man time flies


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            when I read the title I thought this thread would be about Tuck and Osi. I was still going to disagree but I could understand why one would think that way.

            Then I got in here and read what it was actually about and I cant even legitimize this thread with an actual argument ojn the Brady side, and the only argument Peyton needs is that he was out for an entire season, give him some time.