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  • The win tonight

    All I heard all week is what should you do on the final snap. What bs who cares. What should have been talked about is how this team fought and came back to beat the Bucs. What BS will they talk about now. Not how good the Giants are and how guys that stepped up because of our injuries . I am so sick of these news guys not giving enough credit to our team. We won two Super Bowls and we showed how strong we are. We did not have 9
    turnovers then pull the game out. Well we will just have to wait and see how these news guys and even some people on here talk about the Giants. I guess I am a true fan. Even when Eli threw those three interceptions last week I did not walk out of the bar in disgust. I stay till the game is over because I believe in our G-men. Let them talk and see us win. Dutch