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  • Not a good feeling

    Players, TC and Fewell are all together on the "not sure page". The D has to communicate better! They hope this will get better! What's the real plan ? Like I pointed out in a couple of previous posts, I've watched them still confused when the ball is being snapped. WHY? Is the play calling too confusing or do the players just forget their assignments for those schemes? The line has been soft (except for JPP) and they do blitz but it gets picked up and QBs roll out and no one seems able to pressure them when they do. Osi and Tuck don't seem capable in getting the job done on the ends and need a long rest. Then porous secondary have had to cover receivers for too long. Hoping and trying to make corrections doesn't sound too reassuring. Any comments or suggestions out there. Because I'm just dam frustrated. Even fair talent gets the job done better than this.