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GREAT job by Tom Coughlin

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  • GREAT job by Tom Coughlin

    The way this Giants team came to play, especially with all the injuries, short week and being on the road really say's allot about the job Coach Coughlin did this week ! Safe to say the Giants love being in that underdog roll and Coach Coughlin knows how to get the most out of players !
    Every fill-in player totally exceeded most people's expectations as all the know -it-all commentators picked the Panthers to win.
    IMO the offensive line looks better without Diehl , Brown makes us think Jacobs WHO and Granted Barden is no Hakeem Nicks but he deserves to be the #3 over Hixon and Holsey looks special if he can stay healthy !
    Also ,I'm looking Fwrd. to a healthy Canty returning because I miss the rotation on the DL that Tollefson used to bring and think Canty can deliver that....

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    I am starting to like Hosley even more. The guy has some speed and he did run down Cam pretty good. I'd like to see more corner blitzes from him because he is relentless and fast. Although, he still needs to mature as a cover guy. He was beaten on the play where he got the INT and if the ball was thrown accurately that could have been trouble. Good hands though and concetration to grab the ball. If he stays healthy, he will develop into one of the best corners in the NFL.