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    I watched the replay of the TB game and bvoy oh boy. Our DB situation is really critical. By watching film, teams will be going after tryon, then coe or webster then holsey then prince. Websters play hasn't been like the Webby I'm used to. I know he has a broke hand.f he can't play better than that than put the next man in and tryon, man o man that last williams catch ruled and incompletion. He was in position to just batt it away, man my granny could have made the play.
    The good news is watching prince play tells me he has the tools, he just needs to use them, he gets it. Hope he comes along quickly because we need him NOW! Holsey will hold his own and he'll be a good player. What started out as a "good" position has become a hairy one for us. Well we'll see what the future brings!

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    I think Fewell will feel more comfortable playing press coverage now with Prince and Hosley back. He was trying to protect Coe and Tryon, but it didn't work. Tryon is a lot like Terrell Thomas -- was in good coverage and then doesn't make a play on the ball when its in the air. Remember Dez destroying TT? That's pretty much what happened to Tryon vs. Tampa.


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      Webster has looked shaky at times; but I think that will pass as the season goes along. Prince, Hosley and Coe are all solid players, they just need to find a way to stay on the field. Tyron is horrible; but he's the fifth corner, what do you expect? He makes his plays on special teams. I'd say we're a heck of a lot better off at the corner spot than a lot of teams. Considering that Hosley and Coe are our second stringers, they could start on a lot of teams. I see Hosley and Prince as our cornerback pair for quite a few years to come.