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Why the applaud one player stepping up and TRASH the injured guy?

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  • Why the applaud one player stepping up and TRASH the injured guy?

    somebody getting hurt and somebody stepping in and playing well is a good thing, but it doesn't mean the injured guy is now garbage or yesterday's news ... in the war of attrition that is the NFL, you need all hands on deck

    in probably the most extreme example in Giants history ... Simms got hurt and Hoss stepped in and won a Super Bowl, but all of the sensible fans stilled loved Phil Simms and realized Simms was the better player

    on a day where it's great to be Giants fan (most days are now) ... im seeing that 2 time Super Bowl champion LT Diehl is garbage and AB (umm, the 1st AB) is trash and Hixon is dirt

    why not just celebrate Brown and Barden and appreciate Jerry for seeing a need for experienced depth and competition at Tackle and bringing in a player nobody wanted in Locklear

    why not give the coaches some credit for making sure our reserve players were ready to go ... how about Flaherty, for example

    and credit to Eli for being smart enough to not just try to force the ball into Cruz all day and to go to the open player & the 1 v 1 matchup ... the matchup vs. an inexperienced CB

    it reminds me of a post ... Toomer is a Tumor ... the all time, most production WR in Giants history ... just getting completely trashed b/c he aged, maybe lost 1/2 step ... and it was 2 seasons before he retired

    i realize this is a what have you done for me lately world, but have a little respect ... afterall, all the players being trashed have, at least, 1 ring ... they are part of Giants lore .... they've earned the right to be respected

    but the biggest point of all is to TRUST the coaches ... do you really think they are going to just put a lesser player on the field b/c he has seniority?

    Ware had seniority over Brown .... but is Ware still on the team?

    please trust the coaches to put the absolute best product on the field
    Apologize to Melo 5