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Thank you Ernie

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  • Thank you Ernie

    For sticking to your guns and drafting Eli for the NY Giants. Like Enie said, this kid is going to be special.

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    Thank you reese also
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      Eli Manning is the type of QB who makes everyone better! You can say its a coincidence that Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Mario Manningham, Derrick Ward were all let go because of Reese's impeccable timing of knowing when to let this guys go. Its not a coincidence that an virtually unknown players like Cruz (last year), Ramses Barden, Bennett (who didn't play well at all for the Cowboys), and Hixon are all playing well because of Reese's impeccable talent evaluation skills. The reason for all of this is a QB like Eli Manning who is deadly accurate and very smart saavy player. Eli has been doing it for years and even longer if it wasnt for big drops or pop ups for Ints. Eli Manning probably could take a Don Bosco High School receiver corps and make them look good. I am not trying to take away any credit from these hard working receivers because they also do a good job being where Eli wants them to be recently. But it makes your job easier as a GM like Reese to sit back let guys like Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Jake ballard go because you know you have a QB that would make everyone better. If we would of had a Jay Cutler in NY or worse Coughlin and Reese would be packing their bags.
      " In Reese to Sign a Bust"


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        speaking of EA its almost Halloween ,i wonder if he will be elvis again this year