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Rolle on Prince: No more cold tub

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  • Rolle on Prince: No more cold tub

    Excerpt: "Prince Amukamara won't have to worry about any dips into a bucket of ice water in the future.

    The second-year cornerback's teammates were thrilled to see him play with the aggressiveness, or swagger, that they had been clamoring for in Thursday night's win over Carolina. They were especially pleased about the personal foul for unnecessary roughness that he drew in what was his season debut.

    Along the way, Amukamara, the focal point in the ice tub controversy, also earned his stripes as the Giants played their third game of his sophomore year, marking the end of his status among the team's veterans as a rookie.

    "No more cold tub," Giants safety Antrel Rolle laughed." Read more...
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    Prince Amukamara ‏@PrinceAmukamara
    It's nice to be out the cold tub and on the field with my boys. #gmen


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      That was one of the worst calls of the night. What a joke.


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        Prince played a very solid game. A couple catches underneath when he was in deep zone, but otherwise shut down whatever receiver he was up against (lafell usually).


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          Originally posted by Itlan View Post
          That was one of the worst calls of the night. What a joke.
          Yea that penalty was bogus. He brings intensity to the field, even if his personality off the grigiron isn't your prototypical "Baller".


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            The future at corner is looking bright with Prince and Hosley...neither guy is limited either, they both can play out wide or in the slot.

            Prince looked solid last night...ten extra days for him and Hosley to heal up their wounds for Philly.
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              revis isnt a brash iin ur face type either.
              i think ppl were just frustrated he wasnt on the field and has had injuries throughout his young career. im sure his teammates feel he can be a solid corner, and him missing time prob ircked them more than anyone.


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                Funny thing was last night I told my buddy about him looking like he had some swag out there. hopefully he continues to improve and shut us doubters up.
                Emperor Tom