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  • Killer B's, and more

    Over 50 years watching the Gmen and the 1st half in Carolina was one of the best ever.
    Who knows how Carolina compares to the elite teams we have to play? Our next game against the Eagles will say alot.
    But, some observations...
    - We have our own Killer B's.... Joining Bradshaw are some new weapons for Eli... Brown, Barden, and Bennett,. All pleasant surprises so far, and makes me feel better about our depth moving forward.
    - We have 12 - B's on the roster. Nicks, Cruz, and the Killer B's.
    - Tynes leg continues to get stronger. 2 seasons ago he was always 3-5 yards short of the goal line and we were all unimpressed. Even though it's 5 yds. closer, he's consistently putting them 5+ yards deep in the end zone.
    - The OLine was better than expected. Was it the competition? Or are they finally getting it? Their experience will help. Again, this weeks Eagle game holds an answer.
    - Brown is quick to the hole... AB has to do the same.
    - Prince was also better than expected. We need him to stay healthy, motivated, and in more Man coverage. He's still a little lost in zone. Hosely looked good. Keep your fingers crossed that our DB's hold their own.
    - The DB's and OLine got a bit more aggressive against Carolina. These refs are a lot easier on the holding calls.... we have to take advantage of that... take what they give you... we were outsmarted and outcoached by Dallas in that respect.

    Confidance is contagious.
    This team could be scary good if we stay healthy. Keys are OLine and DB's.

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    Great post Zim, this was just a fun game to watch as a Giants fan. We got to see some young guys step up in a big way, like you mentioned we don't know where Carolina is with the other teams in the NFL. But we can all agree with this, the Giants came in on a short week and with some key injuries and just put an old fashioned beat down on the road.
    I was very impressed with the o-line; they kept a nice pocket for Eli all game long. As for Andre Brown I'm glad to see this kid shine out there, he must have worked hard this offseason to finally get the opportunity to showcase his skills. He doesn't go down easy, and reads the line very well for a guy who has only really played in a few games of regular season action. Hosley has shown that he is grasping the NFL speed fairly quickly. Prince looked good for being out for over a month; I don't think fans question his talent, but that he can stay healthy.
    Overall this team looks like they have a lot of depth and great players at key positions. They keep playing at a high level and barring any significant injury who knows what this team can do this season.

    Giants fan since the early 80s


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      nailed it zimmy


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        I like Prince and Hosely in the back with Webster. Add WIll Hill and we have a nice new crop of DBs.