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    LET'S GO BUCS!!! [:P]



    Excerpt: "Rookie fullback Henry Hynoski isn’t one to trash talk; he usually allows his
    hard-hitting play to serve as his communication on the field.

    And he was doing just that last Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys,
    consistently creating holes for the Giants’ stable of running backs throughout
    crucial 37-34 victory.

    But when Cowboys veteran linebacker Brady James, who Hynoski met head-on
    throughout the night, began running his mouth, Hynoski didn’t hold back.

    “I really don’t chirp unless somebody chirps at me first, so if somebody says
    something to me first, that’s when I’ll kind of go back at it,” Hynoski said. “I
    usually stay to myself during the game for the most part.

    “Everything was just in the heat of the moment. Like after the game, we shook
    hands and said good job, nice game.”

    For teammates, it was a new side to the energetic 6-1, 266-pound Hynoski.

    “We had to cool him down a little bit,” center Kevin Boothe said. “I’ve never
    really heard him talk like that before, and the young fella was chirping at him,
    and a lot of things weren’t print-worthy, but it was good energy. He was able to
    harness it after that little talking incident, and he continued to play hard and
    open up big holes for us.”

    Those big holes have helped fuel the Giants’ resurgence the past couple weeks
    since Hynoski returned to the lineup against the New Orleans Saints. Since then,
    the Giants have had two of their six 100-yard rushing games, including 110 in
    Sunday night’s victory.

    Hynoski has provided a boost after missing five games due to a neck burner he
    suffered against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 5. It was the second neck burner
    he sustained this season; the first came against the Arizona Cardinals the week
    before, and he said that one lasted just one play.

    “He played pretty well before he got hurt,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “He has
    a specific role, and he does a good job with that. He picks things up well.”

    One wouldn’t know Hynoski dealt with a neck injury, what with his physicality
    and willingness to lay his body on the line since returning to the lineup."

    “He’s definitely one of those guys that enjoys the fullback position,” Boothe
    said. “And I think if you enjoy the fullback position, you got to be a little
    bit off.”


    Excerpt: "Justin Tuck wasn't doing interviews today. He had talked about his injured
    toe on Thursday.

    Instead, he let his shirt do the talking.

    "My pain, your entertainment," it read.

    It was like the Giants' defensive end
    was channeling his inner

    Anyway, Tuck practiced in a limited capacity today and is listed as
    questionable for Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins.

    "He did okay," Tom Coughlin said. "He did a few things and he did okay. I
    don't think there's any setback."

    I mentioned in my game preview the Giants
    have to defend the edges
    against the Redskins' running game, as they did in
    Week 1. Tuck would be a big help to that.

    "He is. Anytime you've got a player of his caliber, it's very important,"
    Coughlin said. "Like you said, we knew exactly what they wanted to do by
    objective and in the first game we did all right with it."

    Coughlin said the Redskins have altered their running game, though.

    "They made some adjustments in their game against New England," Coughlin
    said, "and quite frankly they did an outstanding job of scheming it." Read more...



    Eli Manning, the
    quarterback who saved his worst for last a season ago, is finishing with a
    flourish this year.

    He saved the Giants’ season on Sunday.

    He has brought them back from the dead with five come-from-behind wins.

    Now, just months after proclaiming that he was one of the best QBs in the
    NFL, he is on the verge of leading the Giants back to the playoffs for the first
    time since the 2008 season — and his teammates say they expect him to continue
    his elite play against Washington on Sunday.

    “He’s going keep it up,” wideout Hakeem Nicks said of
    Manning. “We’re going to help him keep it up. And we’re going to keep it up as a

    That’s not what happened last year. A season ago, Manning got things off to a
    solid start en route to a career-best 31 TD passes and his second career
    4,000-yard campaign.

    But he floundered when the Giants needed him most, throwing nine
    interceptions against just eight TD passes as Big Blue fell out of the playoff
    race in December and January. He saved his worst performance for one of the most
    important games of the season, getting intercepted four times in a 45-17 loss to
    the Packers. This year’s Giants rarely discuss that letdown, but former Big Blue
    DT Barry Cofield
    seemed more than happy to reminisce about that performance on Thursday.

    “Hes a completely different animal right now. Hes playing unbelievable,” said
    Cofield, now a Redskin. “If he would have played this well last year, we might
    have given Green Bay a run for their money.”

    Nicks insists that is in the past, and “last year is last year.” The Giants
    wideout says he’s seen a different, more unflappable, Manning this season.

    The quarterback, who in August proclaimed himself to be in the same league as
    , is closing in on 5,000 passing yards, and he has recorded the first
    three 400-yard games of his career. And when he threw an interception early in
    the fourth quarter against the Cowboys last week, instead of folding, he
    recovered and led the Giants to 15 points on their next two possessions.

    “No (quit),” Manning said. “None at all.”

    “The kind of zone he’s in, that kind of slump like last year isn’t going to
    affect him very much,” added wideout Victor Cruz. “And us,
    as a core, have been concerned with making sure last year doesn’t happen.”

    That’s because the Giants believe in the quarterback. Manning gets little
    credit as a vocal, emotional leader, but Ahmad Bradshaw says
    he sees the line blocking harder, and notices the offense feeding off Manning’s

    “He has to play good to make everybody else step up,” Bradshaw said. “The
    running game, the receivers . . . hes playing great, so everyone else can play
    off of him.”

    That quiet swagger can make up for many things. Yes, the weather is growing
    colder. No, the running game is not what it once was. And yes, the mighty Jets’
    defense and the always-dangerous Cowboys will follow this week’s game against
    the Redskins.

    But none of that concerns the Giants right now.

    “He has a lot of confidence in what he can do right now,” said Bradshaw.
    “Once Eli feels that way and feels comfortable with his guys, he tends to play


    Excerpt: "
    Justin Tuck said
    nothing on Friday. Instead, he let his T-shirt, emblazoned with the words “My
    Pain, Your Entertainment,” do the talking for him.

    The Giants’ defensive end declined to discuss the status of his injured toe,
    but it seemed obvious that, for yet another week, he was once again dealing with

    Tuck worked through a limited practice on Friday, his first on-field action
    this week, and Tom Coughlin said the
    defensive end did not suffer a setback. Still, he is considered questionable for
    Sunday’s home game against the Washington Redskins.

    Facing a suddenly potent Redskins rushing attack, Tuck’s absence is the last
    thing the Giants need.

    “When he’s there, he’s anchoring a lot for us,” said DT Linval Joseph.
    “When he’s not there, we all need to do a lot more. We all need to make a play
    for him.”

    The potential loss of Tuck would be felt more because of the Giants’ recent
    struggles. Even with Tuck in the lineup last Sunday, the Giants couldn’t contain
    the Cowboys’ rushing attack, surrendering 106 yards to struggling backup
    tailback Felix Jones.

    Now, the Giants face a Redskins team that has rediscovered its run game, with
    rookie Roy
    taking over as a starter and churning out three straight 100-yard
    efforts. He works perfectly in Washington coach Mike Shanahan’s
    zone-blocking system, and he will test a Giants defense that continues to have
    trouble tackling.

    “This week, we really can’t miss tackles,” Joseph said. “If we miss tackles,
    they get 15 extra yards. We have to just do our job, and everything will be

    For Kenny
    , one game on the sidelines was enough. The safety sat out last
    week’s win over the Dallas Cowboys with a sprained left MCL, but is probable for
    Sunday. He went through a limited practice Friday, but said he did “pretty much
    everything”.



    Excerpt: "Mitch Petrus is sure he and the Giants’ offensive linemen matter when it
    comes to throwing the ball. But when it comes to running it, Petrus knows
    just how important the O-line is.

    “We’re a big part of that, the passing game. But really, Eli [Manning] ...
    and those receivers are the ones out there catching the ball,” the Giants’ guard
    said yesterday. “We make sure Eli has time and everything, but it’s kind of a
    different feeling when you’re running the ball good. Like, the running back’s
    right behind you.”

    As the Giants head into their key Week 15 game against the Redskins tomorrow,
    the team’s running game is not as big of a problem as it was much of the season.
    The Giants go into tomorrow averaging a league-worst 85.8 yards rushing per
    game. The next-worst is Washington, and the Redskins are averaging 93.8 yards.

    But in each of the past two weeks, the Giants’ running attack has fared far
    better. Against the Packers, they ran for 100 yards on 20 carries, averaging 5.0
    yards a carry. Against the Cowboys on Sunday night, they rambled for 110 yards
    on 31 carries, going for 3.5 yards per touch.

    The biggest improvement has come from Brandon Jacobs, who was averaging 3.1
    yards and had cracked 60 yards in a game just once until breaking free against
    the Packers. In the last two games, he has averaged 5.9 yards per carry and is
    coming off a 101-yard effort against the Cowboys.

    “We’ve got confidence, man. We know what we can do,” Ahmad Bradshaw said.
    “We’re more comfortable with each other and and that’s all it took. Earlier we
    weren’t comfortable with the guys right beside us.”

    Added fill-in center Kevin Boothe, “I think we’ve just become more
    consistent. We’ve had big running plays throughout the year. It’s just I think
    cutting down on the negative running plays. I think that’s been the main reason
    why. When you’re consistently picking up 2-to-3 yards at least every time you
    run the ball, then you’ll have more opportunities to run the ball and the
    running backs get into a groove and you can keep defenses


    "Justin Tuck practiced yesterday for the first time this week.

    The Giants defensive end is suffering from a toe injury, and did not practice
    on Wednesday or Thursday. He was limited in practice yesterday, and the Giants
    are listing him as questionable for tomorrow’s game against the Redskins at
    MetLife Stadium. If Tuck doesn’t play, the Giants will be without both him and
    fellow starting defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who’s out with ankle and knee

    Sporting a black T-shirt that read “My Pain, Your Entertainment,” Tuck
    declined to speak yesterday about his status.

    “He did OK. He did a few things and he did OK,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “I
    don’t think there’s any setback.”


    Tuck missed the Week 1 loss in Washington and also missed three games from
    Weeks 4-6. The Giants are 2-2 without him.

    If Tuck does not play tomorrow, Dave Tollefson figures to start in his place.
    The reserve end has played in every game this season, starting two of them
    (against Washington and Miami, the only two starts of his career).

    WR Victor Cruz was fined $7,500 for his unnecessary
    roughness penalty during Mario Manningham’s touchdown against
    the Cowboys.

    * Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, who has been speculated
    as a possible Coughlin replacement, said yesterday on WFAN, “I’m not interested
    in the Giants job.”

    “I’m not interested in coming back to the sideline,” Cowher said. “I do not
    plan on coming back.”


    Excerpt: "Giants linebacker Michael Boley is under investigation for abusing his
    5-year-old son, TMZ reported Saturday.

    Boley, 29, is alleged to have engaged in repeated willful abuse of a child
    under 18 between May 30 and June 5, according to the Gadsden, Ala., police
    official incident report.

    Although no details of the allegations were released, a police spokesperson
    confirmed that the District Attorney was given the results of the investigation
    and would present the case to a grand jury. The grand jury will decide whether
    the evidence supports charging Boley with any crime.

    "We are aware of the situation," Pat Hanlon, Giants senior vice president of
    communications, said Saturday.

    Boley's attorney, Randall M. Kessler, said the accusations were brought to
    his attention over a year ago as part of a contested child support case, noting
    that "at final trial about a month ago, [the child's mother] did not seek an
    order restricting visitation."

    "The only relief she requested from the judge was that child support be more
    than quintupled to, in her words, 'increase her lifestyle,'" Kessler added.

    However, in the wake of the allegations, a second woman, who has a 2-year-old
    child with Boley, filed court papers in Georgia requesting that the football
    player be supervised when spending time with their child. The judge did not yet
    rule on that request.

    Boley signed a five-year, $25 million contract with the Giants in
    2009."


    Excerpt: "The Giants should take a cue from the Jets in their game against the Redskins
    tomorrow at MetLife Stadium.

    They should do to the inferior Redskins what the Jets did to the hapless
    Chiefs on Sunday: Leave no doubt.

    Tom Coughlin poignantly stated after the Giants’ stirring, season-saving
    comeback victory over the Cowboys on Sunday in Dallas that his players were
    “starved’’ for a locker-room celebration after having gone a month without a

    Well, the Giants, with everything to play for, should sate their appetites
    for a laugher tomorrow and beat up on a 4-9 Redskins team with little to play
    for and headed for its third consecutive losing season and fifth in a row out of
    the playoffs.

    The Giants mission: Don’t give the Redskins any hope. That means getting up
    on them early and stomping on them like Ndamukong Suh did to Packers guard Evan
    Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving Day.

    The Giants need to play this game like the championship contenders they
    believe they are, not an unsure group simply hoping to survive these
    next three weeks and make it into the playoffs.

    They need to assert themselves from the start, make mistake-prone Redskins
    quarterback Rex Grossman pay by turning him over, just like the Jets did in
    Washington a couple weeks ago.

    One of Rex Ryan’s messages to his players last Saturday night in the team
    meeting was that they don’t need to make it so hard on themselves, that every
    game doesn’t have to be a nail-biter, that it’s OK to dominate and blow out an

    The Jets responded with a 37-10 no-doubt rout of the Chiefs.

    There isn’t a team in the NFL in need of a laugher more than the Giants, who
    have won only one game this season (Week 2 against the Rams) that has not been
    life-and-death in the fourth quarter.

    So why not blow out the Redskins?

    “Yeah, we would prefer to dominate a team from start to finish,” linebacker
    Mathias Kiwanuka said. “And if we start early and can maintain that same
    intensity throughout the game, there’s a possibility this could be that game for

    “I’ve been waiting for that game all year,’’ safety Antrel Rolle said.
    “Hopefully this is going to be that game for us. We’re definitely due for one.
    We’re definitely going to make that run for it this week.’’

    This is game the Giants’ beleaguered defense has a chance to be the
    difference in and give Eli Manning a breather for a change. Hasn’t Manning,
    after all, carried this team enough to be given a blow for a week?

    There is a strong likelihood the Redskins will come into MetLife Stadium
    bearing gifts for the Giants. They bring with them the NFL’s worst turnover
    ratio (minus-14); only two teams in the league have more turnovers than the 30
    they have; and only one team has thrown more interceptions than the 20 they’ve

    This brings us to Grossman, who’s thrown 16 of those interceptions and is
    tied for the second highest INT-per-attempt percentage in the NFL (4.6) and
    would probably throw a couple picks to Don Bosco Prep if that’s who the Redskins
    were playing tomorrow.

    Despite the fact that he had (by far) his best game of the season against the
    Giants (32-of-34, 305 yards, 2 TDs, no INTS), Grossman represents a breather for
    the Giants defense after the murder’s row of quarterbacks they’ve faced the last
    three games (Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo)." Read more...


    Excerpt: "Former Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce called out the team’s defensive
    coordinator and players for their inability to stop opposing offenses.

    “They have to find those one or two defensive calls that work for you and
    simplify the play calling, and that starts with Perry Fewell,” Pierce said.
    “Sometimes coaches put too much in there and there’s too much on the plate and
    obviously when you have young linebackers in the lineup and you’ve got guys in
    and out, you’re going to have mistakes.”

    Antonio Pierce, who retired in part due to a neck injury, sayid the team
    can't blame defensive lapses on losing players.

    “You never want to use excuses, but they have had a ton of injuries.
    Secondary, linebacker, (Justin) Tuck in and out of the lineup, Osi (Umenyiora)
    in and out of the lineup,” Pierce said Friday at a charity event in Midtown.
    “With that said, there are still 11 guys on the field and those 11 guys’ job is
    to make the offense’s job a little difficult and right now they aren’t doing

    Though he criticized the defense of the NFC East co-leaders, Pierce did have
    some good things to say about quarterback Eli Manning, who has evolved into a
    team leader after starting his career as more of a behind-the-scenes passer.

    “When Eli first got with the Giants you figure, Tiki Barber, Plaxico
    (Burress), (Jeremy) Shockey, Amani Toomer, weapons galore, proven veterans, so
    he was more of a role player type quarterback with a lot of ability,” Pierce
    said. “Before it was the running game, running game then here comes Eli Manning,
    now it’s totally different, now it’s Eli Manning. Eli Manning; now we’ll run the

    Pierce also praised Manning’s ability to turn his young, unproven receivers
    into breakout stars this year, likening him to Patriots QB Tom Brady in the
    earlier stages of his career.

    “The thing I see the most from [Eli], the biggest improvement is just his
    leadership ability and it’s not vocal. You have Victor Cruz, breakout season,
    Jake Ballard, that’s a veteran quarterback believing in his young talent,”
    Pierce said. “Look at Tom Brady back in the day with who’s who at receiver and
    all of a sudden these guys are stars, and I think Eli has taken that step as far
    as that.”

    Even though the Giants are sitting at 7-6 and clinging to a playoff spot,
    Pierce praised head coach Tom Coughlin.

    “ I think [Coughlin] has done his best job this year because normally the
    Giants lose a lot of players at the end of the season, he lost everybody it
    seems at the beginning of the season, got out to a fast start.” Pierce said.

    Pierce noted that New York is a “What have you done for me lately?” city and
    that Coughlin’s performance alone may not be enough to keep his job if the
    Giants fail to make the postseason for the third straight year.

    “You’re in New York, that Super Bowl is in the past now, it’s four or five
    years old,” Pierce said. "If they don’t make the playoffs things will be tough
    for him to stay another year.”


    "If the suddenly reeling Cowboys learned anything while letting a solid grip
    on the NFC East lead slip away, it’s to not take anything for granted.

    So while Tony Romo and a talented supporting cast may still control their own
    destiny in the division race, a string of late collapses that’s cost them a
    clear path to the playoffs illustrate why they can’t afford to overlook anyone —
    including the struggling Buccaneers tonight — down the stretch.

    “We take it week by week,” Romo said, declining to speculate on the prospects
    of rebounding from consecutive losses to the Cardinals and Giants to finish atop
    the standings.

    The Cowboys (7-6) are tied with the Giants for first place, however New York
    holds the tie-breaker advantage after rallying from a 12-point deficit in the
    final three minutes to win 37-34 in Dallas last Sunday.

    Dallas can clinch the NFC East by winning remaining games against Tampa Bay
    (4-9), at home against Philadelphia, and on the road against the Giants in the
    regular season finale.

    “Obviously we’ve lost a couple of close games. ... We just have to come out
    and play a great game this week, have great energy and play our best game of the
    year,” Romo said. “It’s going to be a great challenge. ... Tampa is never an
    easy place to play.”

    The Bucs have lost seven straight and eight of nine overall following a 3-1
    start, raising questions about whether ownership is contemplating replacing
    coach Raheem Morris.

    There’s been talk that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett may be on the hotseat,
    too, even though Dallas owner Jerry Jones said this week that Garrett’s job is

    “There’s no question, any time the owner says something positive, that’s a
    good thing,” Garrett said. “But again we know what the challenges are, and we’ve
    got to keep putting our best foot forward. We ask our players to do that and we
    have to do that as coaches, regardless of what anybody says.”


    "Right tackle Jammal Brown and
    tight end Mike Sellers have been ruled out by the Washington Redskins for Sunday’s game against
    the Giants.

    The Redskins on Friday also placed safety LaRon Landry on injured reserve.

    Brown hurt his right groin during pregame warmups before last week’s loss to
    the New England Patriots. Tyler
    again will start in Brown’s place.

    Sellers hyperextended his right elbow against the Patriots.

    Shanahan announced Thursday that Landry was out for the year with a sore left
    Achilles. The coach said Friday the team will wait until next week to replace
    Landry on the 53-man roster.

    Shanahan declined to name a starter at left tackle. Willie Smith and Sean Locklear have both been
    getting first-team work during Trent Williams’ suspension."



    Excerpt: "Prince Amukamara dropped to one knee in front of the Giants’ bench and hung his

    Laurent Robinson had just torched him for the second time Sunday night in
    Dallas, grabbing a 74-yard reception that set up a fourth-quarter touchdown
    which gave the Cowboys the lead.

    Veteran defensive backs Deon Grant and Antrel Rolle chewed him out for

    "That’s your man!" Grant yelled at the rookie in footage the team posted on
    its website.

    "You got to draw that, man," Rolle tells him.

    The message was delivered clearly, sparing no feelings in a game in which the
    heralded rookie got exposed for the first time.

    Amukamara, 22, has played in just four NFL games. But the grace period has
    ended with the Giants (7-6) needing him to play a large role in their
    injury-plagued secondary.

    But the 19th overall draft pick seems to be handling his first struggles
    well, understanding he has to learn as he goes after missing the first nine
    games with a broken left foot.

    "It definitely boils under my skin," Amukamara said Friday. "But like the
    guys have been telling me, ‘You have to have a short-term memory up here. ...
    Just don’t let it happen again.’"

    The 6-foot, 207-pound cornerback from Nebraska looks forward to redeeming
    himself Sunday, when the Giants host the Redskins at MetLife Stadium. Amukamara
    missed their first contest, when Rex Grossman torched the secondary for 305
    yards in a Washington victory.

    "I was always taught you’re only as good as your last play," Amukamara said.
    "And my last play wasn’t so well, so I’m definitely hungry this game."

    The Giants’ defense – ranked 30th in the NFL (391.6 yards per game) – will
    need all the help it can get.

    Osi Umenyiora again was ruled out and Justin Tuck is listed as questionable
    with a toe injury.

    Tuck did not speak to reporters after being limited in his first practice
    this week, but he might have been sending a message with the black T-shirt he
    wore in the locker room.

    "My pain, your entertainment," it read in white lettering.

    "He did OK," coach Tom Coughlin said.

    "I don’t think there was any setback."

    Amukamara has 12 tackles, two pass breakups — and an interception that came
    in his Nov. 20 debut against the Eagles.

    Despite the tough love from the veterans, he said he was thankful for the
    feedback Grant, Rolle and Corey Webster have provided.

    "I told him, ‘Don’t get down on yourself,’ " Rolle said.

    "As a cornerback in this league, you got to have amnesia. I call it FIDO:
    Forget it and drive on."



    GIANTS 101


    "Following a crucial 37-34 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in week 14, the New York
    head into a week 15 matchup with the Washington Redskins at 7-6 and
    in control of the NFC East. Still riding a wave of momentum created in a last
    second loss to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, Big Blue will look to avenge
    a week one loss to the Redskins and further strengthen their grasp on an NFC
    playoff spot.

    New York
    running back Brandon Jacobs (27) evades Washington Redskins safety
    Kareem Moore (41) as he makes a long run to set-up a touchdown in the first
    quarter of their NFL game in East
    Rutherford, New Jersey, December 5, 2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES

    In order to ensure that their week 17 game against Dallas crowns an NFC East
    champion, the Giants will have to win one of their next two games (assuming, of
    course, Dallas wins theirs). And despite a paramount of recent historical
    success against the Redskins, these rivalry games are generally unpredictable.
    In other words, throw the team records right out the window.


    Use Jake Ballard to Exploit DeJon Gomes

    As Redskins 101 editor Justin Fiore alluded to in "Insider Report," Gomes is making only his second NFL start and
    has already had quite a bit of trouble containing a big-bodied tight end.

    Last week, the Redskins gave up 160 yards to New England Patriots tight end
    Rob Gronkowski and another 84 yards to Aaron Hernandez. And while the Giants may
    not share the same sort of talent or depth at tight end with the Pats, Ballard's
    play has been quite impressive thus far, and far above the league average.

    Ballard isn't exactly fleet of foot, but he runs great routes and finds gaps
    in zone coverage. And with LaRon Landry now out for the season, and Washington's
    secondary still struggling in the zone, Eli Manning, Ballard & Co. should
    have a field day so long as they don't get away from what they've done up until
    this point.

    Contain Roy Helu on the Edges

    The Redskins offense has been nearly non-existent all season, but one true
    bright spot has been the play of rookie running back Roy Helu.

    Helu has gained 100+ yards in each of the last three games, becoming the
    first rookie in Redskins franchise history to accomplish that feat, and has done
    so primarily along the edges. Accordingly, the onus of containing the
    quick-footed Helu will fall on linebackers Michael Boley and Jacquian

    Keep Helu in check, force Rex Grossman to beat you. That's a winning

    Keep Constant Pressure on Redskins' Tackles with DE's

    Everyone wants to scream "blitz! blitz!" but it's something the Giants may
    not have to do early in this game. The Redskins will be without Trent Williams
    (suspension) and Jammal Brown (groin), which means the starting tackles will
    likely be rookie Willie Smith (replacing Sean Locklear) and Tyler Polumbus. In
    other words, Jason Pierre-Paul, Dave Tollefson and (possibly) Justin Tuck should
    be licking their chops.

    13 games into the season, it's become obvious by now the Giants are trying to
    create as much pressure as they can with a four-man rush. This Sunday, that may
    be much more successful than it has been in the past, as Big Blue draws a
    clearly favorable matchup.

    The defensive ends need to keep their foot on the gas, and if the linebackers
    can contain Helu as alluded to above, it will force Grossman to throw. Once that
    happens, the Giants can feast away on young and below-average tackles, and a
    rookie running back who isn't very good in pass protection.


    They can keep Helu from breaking off big runs and avoid making costly
    mistakes. They're a much more talented team than the Redskins and should, on
    paper, win this game handily. The only way Washington stays in this is if the
    Giants turn the ball over, give up big plays and have mental lapses. So long as
    they keep their head in this, play fundamental football and avoid the big mistakes that have plagued
    them this season, they should run away with it. It will be important to focus on
    missed tackles. If those are limited, you can almost guarantee the big play is
    also limited.

    BIG GAME CANDIDATE – RB Mario Manningham

    It's been a while since Super Mario had a huge game, and he's due. Expect the
    Redskins to double-team Hakeem Nicks as all other opponents have this year, and
    for the defense to pay closer attention to Ballard as the game moves along. If
    the Giants attack Gomes as we noted earlier, it should open things up for Cruz
    and Manningham, with Mario able to get free over the top for, what we assume,
    will be more than a handful of big plays.


    No one should under-estimate the significance of this game for the Giants. A
    win on Sunday ensures, no matter what happens against the New York
    Jets, that week 17 against Dallas will determine the NFC East champion.

    As important as it is for the Giants, the Redskins will embrace the role of
    spoiler. They know that a victory on Sunday puts that much more pressure on Big
    Blue and places them in a rather precarious situation over the final two weeks
    of the season. They'll come in guns blazing, ready to give New York
    absolutely everything they've got.

    That said, the Giants understand the situation they're in and it's doubtful a
    single player in that locker-room doesn't understand the significance of this
    game. They'll come out focus and ready to take care of business the Big Blue

    Giants 30, Redskins 17"



    "The New York
    currently sit at first place in the NFC East, while the Washington Redskins act as bottom dwellers. However, one
    of the Redskins' four wins this season came over those very same Giants, and
    they'll look to improve to 2-0 this Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

    New York
    running back Brandon Jacobs drags Washington Redskins linbebacker Rocky McIntosh into the
    end zone as Jacobs scores the first touchdown of the game in the second quarter
    at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland on January 2, 2010. UPI/Roger L.

    It's been quite some time since the Redskins were last considered relevant in
    not only the NFL, but even
    the NFC East. Moreover, it's been quite some time since they put up a serious
    fight against Big Blue. Their win in week one not withstanding, the Giants have
    dominated the Skins in recent years and what was once a bitter and angry rivalry
    has turned into a "well, you're not as bad as the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas
    Cowboys" sort of affair.

    To get a better understanding of New York's least-hated direct rival, we sat down with Redskins 101 lead writer and
    editor-in-chief, Justin Fiore.

    Giants 101: "Who is the future at quarterback for the Washington Redskins?"

    Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III speaks to the media after winning the
    2011 Heisman Trophy Award at the Marriott Marquis in New York
    City on December 10, 2011. UPI/John Angelillo

    Fiore: "He's not on this roster. I don't think he's even in the NFL yet. The
    biggest debate amongst Redskins fans right now is weather or not Rex Grossman
    should return next year as the starter/mentor. The Skins look like they will be
    in position to draft either Matt Barkley or Robert Griffin III, and both are highly talked about here
    in Washington. I think one of those two are a safe bet to be
    the Redskins future quarterback."

    Giants 101: "Do Redskins fans hate the Giants as much as they hate
    the Cowboys? If not/if so, why?"

    Fiore: "There is no team, or fan base, that is hated as much as the Cowboys
    here. I think it's because of the absurd number of Dallas fans in the area.
    They're everywhere – mostly repressed generations of former Redskins fans, who
    get called out for having no ties to Dallas. So while there is a great dislike
    for the Giants, a lot of fans are rooting for them (some to even beat the
    Redskins), just to keep Dallas out of the playoffs."

    Giants 101: "From the outside looking in, what are your thoughts on

    Fiore: "He has all the tools, but more and more he reminds me of Rex
    Grossman. Hear me out; he's at least Grossman 2.0, but he continually makes
    games interesting towards the end with no guarantee of winning – just a
    gun-slingers chance. He also throws passes that boggle the mind. For as much
    grief as Rex gets for his turnovers, Eli isn't far behind (Rex 20, Eli 16).
    Going into a game against him, you know you're going to get at least one chance
    to make a play as a defense and maybe get a touchdown (as Ryan Kerrigan did in
    the first meeting)."

    Giants 101: "How do Redskins fans view Daniel
    and his broken record offseason moves?"

    Fiore: "The best part of the Mike Shanahan signing was that Dan agreed to
    keep his hand out of the proverbial cookie jar. We all recognized, even Dan
    finally, that you can't run a professional football team like a fantasy football
    team. Look how it's turning out for the Eagles this year (we can both enjoy

    Giants 101: "What do you think is the most unfavorable matchup for
    the Redskins this weekend?"

    Buffalo Bills George Wilson chases New York
    as he runs for 24 yards to set up a Giants touchdown in the first
    quarter in week 6 of the NFL season at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New
    Jersey on October 16, 2011. UPI /John Angelillo

    Special thanks to Justin for joining us!


    Excerpt; "Most fans of the New York Giants would agree that the tandem of Hakeem
    and Eli
    is developing into a pleasure to watch on a weekly basis. While the
    great throws and spectacular catches are on display on a week to week basis, the
    hard work that goes into improving the relationship between the two goes largely

    New York Giants' Hakeem
    (L) is pushed out of bounds by Green Bay Packers' Morgan Burnett (C)
    and D.J. Smith (R) after a pass reception in the second quarter of their NFL football
    game in East Rutherford, New Jersey, December 4, 2011. REUTERS/Mike Segar

    In a lot of critical games so far in the 2011 season, the combination of
    Manning to Nicks has been the difference in the game.

    Week three at Arizona, Nicks schooled the Cardinal defense for 160 yards, the
    better part of which came on a number of back shoulder fade passes. The
    effectiveness of the back shoulder fade between Manning and Nicks got both A.J.
    Jefferson and Patrick Peterson biting on the shorter routes and Nicks quickly
    used that as leverage to beat Peterson for the game winning touchdown.

    Against the Green Bay Packers, Nicks and Manning looked like two kids in a
    school yard against the Packers pass defense, but it wasn't as easy as it
    looked. On a 50-yard connection between manning and Nicks in the 3rd quarter,
    the Packers disguised their quarters coverage as a cover-2 directly before the
    snap. Nicks was able to recognize this and break his route to the middle of the
    field, while Manning yanked the safety towards Jake Ballard with a pump

    Last week on the final drive of the game, Manning led a game winning drive,
    but it wasn't without the help of his friend Nicks.

    "We have a rule where we bang the in cut out if we can’t win the in cut,"
    Nicks said. "I felt 'E' rolling out. I thought automatically he couldn’t throw
    an in cut across his body, so I broke it out to the sideline and we were on the
    same page."

    Let's back up a second. He "felt" Manning rolling out?

    "Yeah," Nicks said.

    Because he saw the defenders react? Because he heard the crowd buzz in
    anticipation of a sack? Because he looked up to the monster video board and saw
    it with his own eyes?

    "No," Nicks said. "I just felt it."

    There is no question that the increase in production that Eli
    has seen over the past three seasons have been a result of better
    relationships with his receivers. While they may not possess the physical
    talents of players like PlaxicoBurress or Jeremy Shockey, the difference is
    made up in trust.

    Even since the last time the Giants faced the rival Washington Redskins, things have changed between Manning
    and his top receivers. There is a different dynamic that exists between them
    which has given way to the most prolific passing season in Giants history."


    "If you're holding your breath waiting for the New York
    injury situation to offer up anything positive, we suggest you inhale
    right now for risk of passing out. Since day one injuries have dominated almost
    all things Big Blue, and heading into a pivotal NFC East matchup with the
    Washington Redskins, it's the same song and dance from previous weeks.

    New York
    tight end Travis
    and tight end Kevin Boss (89) celebrate after Beckum caught a
    touchdown pass from quarterback Eli Manning against the Detroit Lions in the
    third quarter of their NFL game in East Rutherford, New Jersey, October 17,
    2010. REUTERS/Ray Stubblebine (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

    In addition to Osi Umenyiora, the team announced today that David
    (neck), Mark
    (ankle), Travis
    (chest) and Derrick
    (back) will all miss the game this weekend, and Justin
    (toe), who has been battling an array of injuries all season, is

    Asked about Tuck's progress, head coach Tom Coughlin said he did "okay" and
    suffered "no setbacks" this week. And while that's not exactly a ringing
    endorsement, you've got to accept any silver lining that's made available at
    this point. So … "not worse" is as good as it gets for this team right now.

    Finally, Ahmad
    (foot), Kenny
    (hamstring) and Spencer Paysinger (hamstring) are listed as



    "The New York Giants (7-6) meet the Washington Redskins (4-9) Sunday at
    MetLife Stadium, with the Giants looking to keep control of the NFC East and
    avenge a season-opening loss to Washington. Here are my 'Five Things To Watch'
    on Sunday.

    1. The Giants Secondary -- Can the Giants -- finally -- get whatever
    communication/assignment issues have had all season solved? The Giants are 30th
    in overall defense and only five teams have surrendered more than the 349 points
    the Giants have allowed. After listening to all of the back-and-forth all week
    about who was to blame, or not to blame, and the vague answers from defensive
    coordinator Perry Fewell it's difficult to feel confident the Giants can
    straighten this out now.

    2. The Treatment of JPP -- I think you can feel reasonably certain
    that the Redskins won't do what Dallas tried to do, which was block Jason
    with one player. He is likely to get the star treatment --
    double teams, chip blocks, etc. -- from opposing teams the rest of the way. He
    has earned it.

    3. The Giants Running Game -- Lots of improvement in this area the
    past two weeks as the re-shuffled offensive line is opening some holes and Brandon
    seems to be running with authority. Can they keep it up? And, will
    the Giants continue to lean on Jacobs, or will Ahmad
    end up with the bulk of the work? If it's me I keep riding the
    horse who has been getting it done, and that means staying with Jacobs.

    4. The Play Of Rex
    -- Inadequate quarterback play has been the biggest thing
    holding the Redskins back this season. Grossman has 12 touchdown passes and 16
    interceptions this season, leading to a 71.8 passer rating. Unfortunately,
    against the Giants he has looked like Aaron Rodgers.
    He threw for 305 yards and two touchdowns earlier this season, and in the 2010
    season finale he passed for 336 yards and two touchdowns. The Giants need to
    make Grossman look like, well, Grossman.

    5. Can The Giants Slow Roy Helu? The
    rookie running back has taken off for Washington the past three weeks, gaining
    108, 100 and 126 yards in his past three games. Part of making Grossman look
    like Grossman is taking away his running game, which means stopping Helu's
    string of 100-yard games.

    NFC East Standings

    W L T PF PA
    New York
    7 6 0 324 349
    Dallas 7 6 0 317 281
    Philadelphia 5 8 0 297 292
    Washington 4 9 0 229 290

    (updated 12.16.2011 at 4:23 AM EST)"


    Excerpt: "Good morning, New York Giants
    fans! Here is some Saturday morning reading material for you.

    Finally Healthy, Having Special Season

    "I’m pain-free for the first time in two or three years so I feel good," he

    He added: "I feel as good as I’ve ever felt, especially this time
    of year. That and obviously moving the kickoff up five yards has helped. But
    yeah, I’m definitely hitting the ball better."

    My take: Tynes has been spectacular t
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    RF I happened to drive by your area yesterday, heading back to Jersey from GA.

    Have to say every time I drive through Roanoke I enjoy the view. If there is ever a killer tidal-wave coming, I am heading there. Btw can Virginia be any longer of a drive, as is north carolina.

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      [quote user="DragonSoul"]RF I happened to drive by your area yesterday, heading back to Jersey from GA.

      Have to say every time I drive through Roanoke I enjoy the view. If there is ever a killer tidal-wave coming, I am heading there. Btw can Virginia be any longer of a drive, as is north carolina.[/quote]

      It's a great place to raise kids and it's really a beautiful area.
      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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        [quote user="RoanokeFan"][quote user="DragonSoul"]RF I happened to drive by your area yesterday, heading back to Jersey from GA.

        Have to say every time I drive through Roanoke I enjoy the view. If there is ever a killer tidal-wave coming, I am heading there. Btw can Virginia be any longer of a drive, as is north carolina.[/quote]

        It's a great place to raise kids and it's really a beautiful area.*
        [/quote]Not a lot of things to do around there i assume? More of a small town area feel?

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          Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 11:30 A.M.

          [quote user="DragonSoul"][quote user="RoanokeFan"][quote user="DragonSoul"]RF I happened to drive by your area yesterday, heading back to Jersey from GA.

          Have to say every time I drive through Roanoke I enjoy the view. If there is ever a killer tidal-wave coming, I am heading there. Btw can Virginia be any longer of a drive, as is north carolina.[/quote]

          It's a great place to raise kids and it's really a beautiful area.
          [/quote]Not a lot of things to do around there i assume? More of a small town area feel?[/quote]

          That's correct. Nothing there to do in the form of amusement parks, etc. But they do spend a LOT of capital on local sports fields for the younger generation. I've never seen so many well kept, lighted field for kids in any other place I've lived. Greenways and hiking trails are everywhere.

          Biggest drawback is it's Redskins' country with a smattering of Panthers fans. When we win tomorrow some just won't talk to me lol

          I have very obvious GIANTS license on both cars. I've been known to just drive through neighborhoods after we beat them []
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            Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 11:30 A.M.

            thanks Ro.....

            enjoy the game tomorrow!!!!.....

            Great to see Hynoski finally becoming a real FB. I have been hoping for that since preseason. Keep it going Hynocerous!!!!!

            The Giants will have to take another big time DE next draft. Osi will or may be gone and Tuck may not return to his former self.

            One game at a time....Beat the Redskins and move on!!!!!!!

            "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
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              Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 11:30 A.M.

              [quote user="GameTime"]

              thanks Ro.....

              enjoy the game tomorrow!!!!.....

              Great to see Hynoski finally becoming a real FB. I have been hoping for that since preseason. Keep it going Hynocerous!!!!!

              The Giants will have to take another big time DE next draft. Osi will or may be gone and Tuck may not return to his former self.

              One game at a time....Beat the Redskins and move on!!!!!!!


              Things on offense are coming along, albeit slowly, at the right time. If we could just get some improvement on defense.....

              Am excited about the game tomorrow. I do think we can win what's left if we play smart for 60 minutes. I think Petrus, Boothe and Hynoski are going to gel down the stretch and the runnng game will be dominant.
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                Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 11:30 A.M.

                thanks Roanoke!

                must win tomorrow!

                looking sharp with no injuries.



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                  Re: NEWS, NOTES, RUMORS, AND GOSSIP: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 11:30 A.M.

                  [quote user="BigBlue1971"]

                  thanks Roanoke!

                  must win tomorrow!

                  looking sharp with no injuries.


                  AMEN [B]
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