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Question about our Pasrush

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  • Question about our Pasrush

    We watched our Dline face Dallas on gm 1 and we got 0 pressure or impact from Tuck or Osi. Watch TB or Seattle play dallas and its a whole new world ?
    Did we tell our DE's to not attack or something, did we tell them to stand there and not penetrate? i am confused, does TB have better Dline than the giants.

    Watching the Tb game not much difference, when we played them they looked a little better but than you watch cowboys dline pretty much mess there whole game up.

    My point is where is our pass rush. Tuck and Osi have done diddly squat. I hate to say that. I know its early and out defense really came on late last year when Tuck was playing good. JPP cant do it alone.

    I saw zona completely beat up eagles, wouldnt you expect the giants to exert some serious passrush on them ? you would think but I better not come on here monday morning wondering why we had 0 sacks.

    BTW Osi was a huge liability on the field when Cam pitch off the ball in wildcat. He was always caught in a bad position and offered no protection on the plays whatsoever. I am not saying its easy to defend but frankly he could have forced inside where there was help. Every time panthers had a decent run or pitch play it seemed it was at him.

    Were 2-1 and not complaining heck we won the SB last year so I will relax this year but doesnt mean I wont speak....

    Come on passrush take over games like other teams with way less talent are doing.

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    We did better against Carolina.
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      Osi seemd to mostly stay home on Cam


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        You think pasrush is a word?


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          Originally posted by GMENAGAIN View Post
          You think pasrush is a word?
          it's a nounverb


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            Our "vaunted" pass rush has yet to show up with the exception of JPP.

            Yes we were much better against the Panthers, but given how poorly the Panthers played that game, I'm still waiting for our bruisers to show up.

            Having said that, I don't really much care right now as long as they show up in the second half of the season.
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              Originally posted by Dwinsballgames View Post
              Osi seemd to mostly stay home on Cam
              Osi has been virtually non-existent so far this season. A couple near misses against Romo, and that's it...and, unlike Tuck and JPP, he's a liability against the run.


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                Osi actually played the option quite well, other than the very first time they went after him.

                However, I do think Osi, Tuck, and Kiwi may all be gone in the next two years. GIants need to find some more young blood at DE. Im thinking a slightly undersized guy like a Corey Lemonier could be a huge addition. As nice as it is to have an all-around DE like JPP, guys who are fantastic pass rushers are just as needed.


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                  or maybe a "Verblet"