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Giants-Eagles: Philadelphia scouting report

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  • Giants-Eagles: Philadelphia scouting report

    Excerpt: "The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants face off for the first time this year on Sunday Night Football with both teams entering the game at 2-1. The narrative is well known around these parts, the Eagles as of recently have dominated the New York Giants winning 7 of their last 8 matchups. While the Giants have infinitely more Super Bowl championships than the Eagles have (or as an Eagles fan might say "a few more lucky wins"). Regardless of the outcomes, the games have recently been exciting and close. I'd expect much of the same this week. Let's take a look at how the Eagles have been playing this year from a statistical perspective. Later in the week I'll unveil my "Beyond the Box Score" for the Eagles after I finish watching all three of their first games." Read more...
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    i hope to see a lot of sluggo/double move routes deep on sunday. namdi and drc like to play tight and jump routes, cruz and nicks should be able to set them up all day. if we do it early, and its incomplete, it will free up room on the actual slants and skinny posts. i'd also like to see eli setup their corners with that back shoulder fade a few times, then save a spot for late in the game if a score is needed, run it like the fade but throw it over the top (similar to the GW TD to Nicks vs Arizona last year).
    with philly, we need to be able to functionally run the ball. i think it'd be easier to run if we come out and pass and force them to respect it. just my take on an aspect of the game...


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      I really don't think stats will mean much this game, they usually don't. That said Eli seems to be generally in sync with his receivers and our line seems to be gelling as well. Advantage Giants, Special teams, think we have a solid return game, great kickers, and solid coverage team. Giants with a slight advantage. Defense, we have been getting better, still the secondary is banged up and that doesn't bode well with Vick. I like our LBs here but the secondary gives the Eagles the advantage (how much, not sure. Depends how effective our pass rush will be!)


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        This is a game where they need to keep Vick moving behind the line of scrimmage. Vick is a guy who doesn't stay too long behind his protection and so he takes hard awkward shots. Plus, he is streaky. Sometimes he is very accurate and other times he misses completely. Hopefully Boley and the secondary can capitalize and come away with a few interceptions. If the pass rush can get to Vick early and often he will start dumping it off to McCoy or run it himself...I think he'll get away from the pass and instead try to force things.

        The Giants just have to make him hear footsteps and get in as many shots as possible.