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Changes in the Running Game

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  • Changes in the Running Game

    For years Chris Snee and Kareem Mckenzie manned the Right Side of the NY Giant offensive Line. If the Giants wanted to run outside the statistics said they preferred to go right. For the first time since 2006 there has been a fundamental change to that approach.When the Giants havent run up the middle they have gone Left way left. 37 run plays to the left while only 19 have gone right. Of course its early and with such few opponents teams defensive talent could skewing these numbers. I just find it interesting that after all these years of running right its changed

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    Wasn't KMac one of the best at his position? When he started to play bad they stopped running to the right.


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      i asked Pro Football Focus if they had a metric of pulling guards. Interested to see if they are pulling Snee more then usual or if they are just avoiding the RIght Side


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        Most of our success has been up the middle so far with a 7.7 average between both Brown and Bradshaw.