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News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Saturday, September 29, 2012

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  • News, notes, rumors, and gossip: Saturday, September 29, 2012




    Giants' Osi Umenyiora says he is not doing as well as he shouldbe

    Excerpt: "Osi Umenyiora, grinning, answered the question with a question.

    “After 10 years?” he said. This was the veteran Giants defensive end making clear that no, he has nothing to prove to anyone else at this point in his NFL career — and certainly not to a 24-year-old Eagles running back who dubbed Umenyiora a “ballerina” in a recently-aired ESPN interview. Except, that is, Umenyiora has something to prove to himself. “I don’t think I’m as good as I’m supposed to be,” Umenyiora said last week as he left the Giants locker room. “No, I don’t. I think I’m supposed to be a lot better than I am. I just feel like I’m supposed to be the very best.” Read more...


    Giants' DLine plans to meet at the quarterback again vs. Eagles

    Excerpt: "It’s a formula the Giants defense has sworn by for years: Get after the quarterback early and often. The logic is that any player, no matter the position, slows down as he takes more hits.

    And though most teams have shied away from pressuring scrambling quarterbacks, particularly Philadelphia’s Michael Vick, the Giants haven’t. This season, they say, other teams have adapted what they’ve done against Vick and, as a result, Vick is getting hit at an alarming rate — even by his standards. Through three games, Vick has been hit 29 times, including nine for sacks." Read more...

    Giants' Hakeem Nicks adds knee injury to foot problems, doubtful against Eagles

    Excerpt: "When Hakeem Nicks limped off the field Sept. 16 after Buccaneers safety Mark Barron landed on Nicks’ right ankle after failing to hurdle the wide receiver, all eyes were on his right foot, which he broke in May.

    Nicks returned after missing just one play, but it turns out he also hurt his knee on the play. It swelled up Thursday after Nicks fully practiced for the first time since the Bucs game, and he was listed as doubtful by Tom Coughlin for Sunday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    “It’s always disappointing. You always want your counterpart in there with you playing, in the trenches playing against a division foe,” Victor Cruz said. “But it’s something we have to deal with in this league. Guys get injured, guys get nicked up. We just have to understand we’ve been here before, and guys have stepped up, so we’re going to need that again this upcoming this weekend.”

    Falcons' Roddy White takes a shot at Victor Cruz, says "the big boys play on the outside"

    Excerpt: "In an NFL Network interview with Atlanta Falcons wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White to air Sunday morning, NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin asked the duo whether Giants receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are a better tandem than they are.

    White doesn't think so.

    “Victor Cruz is a lot more of a slot receiver; the big boys play on the outside,” White said." Read more...

    Giants' Antrel Rolle back on practice field

    Excerpt: "Antrel Rolle returned to the practice field today, an encouraging sign for his availability Sunday against the Eagles.

    The veteran Giants safety participated in position drills and walk-through plays with the defense during the portion of practice open to the media, and appeared to be moving well on his sore, bruised left knee.

    Rolle said Thursday thatplaying this week was not a sure thing. He suffered a bruised and lacerated knee in a sideline collision with a cameraman against the the Panthers last week. After practicing in a limited capacity

    Wednesday, the soreness in his knee was enough that he stayed inside during Thursday's practice -- by his count, the first in-season practice he has missed since signing with the Giants in 2010." Read more...



    NFC East foes NY Giants, Philadelphia Eagles prepare for another slugfest at the Linc

    Excerpt: "
    The Giants really do hate the Cowboys, even if it's nearly two decades since America's Team has been to the Super Bowl. They have no use for the Jets, but their four Super Bowl trophies to just one for the Jets gives them major talking points in the big brother-little brother debate.

    But their real passionate rivalry is with the Eagles.

    It starts with them being just 100 miles apart and at least one of them having been in the playoffs every year since 2000. In the last 12 seasons, the Eagles have won the NFC East six times, the Giants four times and the Cowboys twice. During that time, the Giants and Eagles have made the playoffs in the same year three times.

    And their games are always slugfests."

    Will Hill, after years of drugs and parties, is making the most of his opportunity with Giants

    Execrpt: "Two pairs of eyes trained on Will Hill, as if trying to peek into the deepest corners of his soul. And suddenly, the talkative, confident safety didn’t feel so confident at all.

    He desperately wanted to impress Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and safeties coach David Merritt in this late-spring meeting, wanted to show that he could help the Super Bowl champs. But at this moment, at this time, he needed to deal with his sordid past, explaining the Twitter meltdown and the marijuana suspension and the attitude that had disappointed so many scouts a year ago.

    He thought about deflecting blame, as he’d done so many times before.

    No. Not this time.

    “I put everything on the line, just told them the truth,” he says. “I said, ‘I’m trying to come here to work and to help this team. I’m not gonna be a problem. I won’t be a distraction.’" Read more...


    Turnover happy Eagles could be in for a Giant fall

    Excerpt: "THE GAME: The defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (2-1) vs. the Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night.

    THE WEATHER: What will start out as a nice, fall day could be a little raw at night with rain showers possible (though the forecast says the chances are dwindling) and temperatures falling through the 50s as the game goes on.

    WHAT IT MEANS: Like the rest of the NFL, the NFC East is basically one big log-jammed mess. At some point one of these teams needs to separate themselves. This is a good place to start. Plus, the Giants have already lost a division game. If the early season is any indicator, tie-breakers could matter so they don’t want to start 0-2.

    MATCHUP TO WATCH:Giants defensive ends vs. QB Michael Vick. There’s such potential on both sides of this matchup. For the Giants, they really haven’t gotten their pass rush going and now they face a battered, struggling offensive line that has allowed Vick to get hit a ridiculous 28 times through three games. It has to be a tantalizing target and if they can get to him as often as everybody else has, they’ve got a chance to dominate this game. On the other hand, their eagerness plays right into Vick’s hands. If he can escape – and everyone knows he has that capability – he can set the Giants up for big plays downfield as he so often has. He still has the arm and he still has the weapons to make them pay. It’s the essence of football right here. Vick knows they’re coming. The Giants know they’ve got to go after him hard and they know the price they may pay for that. The winner of that battle could turn out to be the winner of the game.

    Giants defense out to show depth against Michael Vick and Philadelphia Eagles

    Excerpt: "
    Keith Rivers is out. Jayron Hosley is out, too. Corey Webster is choosing a cast for his right hand, and Antrel Rolle, the leader of the secondary, has a nasty cut on his knee.

    Such is the state of a banged-up Giants defense as it prepares to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles, meanwhile, will return a key piece of their big-play air attack: wideout

    Jeremy Maclin is fully over the hip injury that sidelined him last week and all but certain to play.

    Add in dangerous rusher LeSean McCoy, and the Eagles have the arsenal to attack the Big Blue “D.” But the Giants are hardly worried.

    After all, said Webster, they have been here before." Read more...

    Injuries are no Giant concern for this "D"

    Excerpt: "
    Keith Rivers is out. Jayron Hosley is out, too. Corey Webster is choosing a cast for his right hand, and Antrel Rolle, the leader of the secondary, has a nasty laceration on his knee.

    Such is the state of a banged-up Giants defense as it prepares to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles, meanwhile, will return a key piece of their big-play air attack: Wideout Jeremy Maclin is fully over the hip injury that sidelined him last week and all but certain to play.
    It’s hardly an enviable situation for any defense, especially when you consider that the Eagles also boast one of football’s most dangerous rushing weapons in LeSean McCoy. But the Giants are hardly worried.After all, said lockdown corner Webster, they’ve been here before.“We’ve been doing this for the last couple years, actually,” Webster said Friday. “We’ve been kind of filling in and preparing like starters for a long time right now.” Read more...



    Eli and Co. aim to change recent history vs. Eagles

    Excerpt: "
    Eli Manning recalls whenever the Giants meet up with the Eagles “it always seems like it’s a tight game.’’ Justin Tuck says the mark of a “true rivalry’’ is based on the significance of the games to the rise and fall of a season.

    “Going forward, I see it the same way,’’ Tuck said.

    Going forward arrives tonight at Lincoln Financial Field, as the Giants and Eagles, both owning 2-1 records attained in very different manners, renew what recently has been a one-sided duel in the Eagles’ favor, in what usually is a battle for NFC East supremacy. The Eagles got blown out last week in Arizona, and the Giants overwhelmed the Panthers in Carolina, so the perception pendulum has swung to the Giants heading into this affair, with the Eagles eager to swing it back around.

    Manning, who is on a major roll, described the atmosphere as “tough’’ and “loud’’ and called the Philadelphia fans “unique.’’ But, Manning added, “It can be a fun place to play.’’

    Or a house of horrors."

    Serby's Sunday Q & A...Andre Brown

    Excerpt: "
    Post columnist Steve Serby chased down Giants breakout back Andre Brown for a little Q&A.

    Q: .Give me a hard-nosed running back, in between the tackles. ... Oooh I got a perfect one — Earl Campbell.

    Q: You’re not as big as Earl Campbell though.A: I’m 234 [pounds]!Q: Describe your mentality on the field.A: Run with reckless abandon ... just get every yard necessary that I need." Read more...

    JPP out to ring Eqagles' bell

    Excerpt: "
    Standing in the way of Jason Pierre-Paul and a clear path to Michael Vick Sunday night is Demetress Bell, a fill-in left tackle brought in to start for the Eagles, but beaten out in training camp by King Dunlap.

    Bell made his first start for the Eagles in last week’s 27-6 loss to the Cardinals and will again fill in for Dunlap, who will miss his second straight game with a hamstring injury. The Eagles signed Bell to a five-year, $34.5 million contract to replace injured Jason Peters, but only $3.15 million of Bell’s contract is guaranteed. Bell started 30 games at left tackle in four years with the Bills.

    The left tackle is not the blind-side protector for the Eagles because Vick is a left-handed quarterback. Rushing from the left side, Justin Tuck is looking for his first sack of the season going against right tackle Todd Herremans." Read more...

    Giants task for Philly week: Sic Vick

    Excerpt: "
    Such is the nature of this blood feud between the Giants and the Eagles that even coach Tom Coughlin sounded as if he wanted to put a lick on Michael Vick when he set the tone for this brawlgame early in the week behind the blue door.

    “It’s Philly Week! Let’s go!” Coughlin roared. “You guys should have been in here 30 minutes before me! You all should have been waiting on me!

    “Because it’s Philly Week!”

    It’s Eli Manning looking for a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. It’s Victor Cruz returning to the place where his fairy tale and his salsa began. It’s Osi Umenyiora and LeSean McCoy renewing hostilities. It’s Andre Brown and Ramses Barden aiming to open eyes again. It’s 60 minutes of hell." Read more...

    Inside Perspective from a Giants' great

    Excerpt: "
    The unique relationship between NFL players and the real officials, who may very well earn standing ovations today from the thankful gladiators themselves, can be illustrated

    with a story from Giants Super Bowl XXI MVP Phil Simms, who thought Phil McConkey had been interfered with downfield by a Broncos defender.

    “Jerry Markbreit was the referee,” Simms recalled. “I took my helmet off and slammed it on the ground. He said, ‘Phil, you understand the rules, right?’ I looked at him cross-eyed and said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘If you threw it, it’s 15 yards. ... You dropped it, right? If you drop it, it’s not a penalty.'" Read more...

    Nicks ruled out for Giants vs. Eagles with knee injury

    Excerpt: "The Giants will go with Domenik Hixon – who sat out the game in Carolina because of a concussion – and Ramses Barden as their two receiving options after Victor Cruz. Barden in his first career NFL start had a breakout performance against the Panthers, hauling in nine passes for 138 yards." Read more...


    Giants "wide"-eyed at Eagles D

    Excerpt: "
    The Eagles’ unusual “Wide-9” defensive alignment has some of the Giants feeling a little wide-eyed.Not only does the scheme used by Philadelphia call for defensive ends to split much wider than normal from the offensive tackle’s outside shoulder, but those ends line up at an angle and in a four-point stance to essentially propel themselves like a sprinter at the snap of the ball.

    Couple that unorthodox tactic with the Eagles’ seemingly endless supply of talented pass rushers, led by Jason Babin, and it’s easy to see why the Giants’ offensive tackles are a lot more alert than usual heading into tomorrow night’s prime-time matchup at Lincoln Financial Field.

    “If you’re not awake after that first play against the Wide-9, you’ll wake up quick,” left tackle Will Beatty said Friday. “These guys come at a different angle than you’re used to as a lineman, and they try to run through you. It’s almost seems like they want to push you into the quarterback instead of getting to him by going around you.” Read more...

    JPP takes Giant dig at Eagles' OLine woes

    Excerpt: "Jason Pierre-Paul knows as much as he needs to know, which in the case of tomorrow night’s game against the Eagles, does not include the name of the man he will be lining up against.

    “I don’t know who that is. Who is that?” Pierre-Paul asked after yesterday’s practice when the topic of Demetress Bell was brought up, the third man to start at left tackle for the Eagles already this season.
    “Oh man, that’s trouble right?” Pierre-Paul said jokingly. “Third one? Hmm, that’s trouble.”The person it’s most trouble for is Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who has been battered and bruised throughout the first three games of the season, during which he has somehow found a way to get his team to 2-1." Read more...

    Giants toughen up for battle with Eagles

    Excerpt "
    The more you hit the late Joe Frazier, the more he seemed to like it. And it is no different with the Giants, heavyweight champions of the NFL.

    Some teams would cower and crumble in the face of the mean, green ambush that awaits them Sunday night at the Linc, a prime-time death struggle with the Eagles that begins at 20 past hate.

    The Giants rub their hands together with glee and relish the prospect of a Thrilla in Philla, where they try again to batter Michael Vick from pillar to post and make him quit on his stool, if not knock him out.

    “You know that when you step on that field down there it’s ... it’s kinda like gladiators — only one man’s going to come out,” Michael Boley said." Read more...

    Beat-up secondary may be without Rolle in Philadelphia

    Excerpt: "
    The starting free safety, who always practices and always plays, didn’t practice and cannot guarantee he will play. The starting left cornerback has a broken right hand, which makes grabbing hold and tackling somewhat of an issue. The player who has started at right cornerback has a bad hamstring and probably won’t play and his replacement has a sprinkling of NFL experience but has never before started a game.

    Is this any way to brace for impact of the ready-to-erupt Eagles passing attack?

    It is not exactly all-systems go for the Giants defensive backfield, which has been pulled and yanked in all sorts of directions thus far this season. Corey Webster finished last week’s 36-7 demolition of the Panthers wearing a cast on the right hand he broke earlier in that game and this will be his first full test against an opponent that knows all about his infirmity. Prince Amukamara makes his first start, replacing Jayron Hosley, who probably won’t make it because of the hamstring he strained in Charlotte. To make a sticky situation more uncomfortable, Antrel Rolle, the rock at the safety position, is dealing with a sore left knee as a result of a collision with a camera in Carolina and he could not declare himself a go for Sunday night’s clash with the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field." Read more...

    Giants' Nicks doubtful for Eagles' game with knee, foot injuries

    Excerpt: "The Giants may be without wide receiver Hakeem Nicks for Sunday night’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Nicks, who missed a win over Carolina Sept. 19 with a sore foot, now has a knee problem.

    Coach Tom Coughlin said Nicks developed swelling in his left knee after working out on Thursday. It was his first and only expected practice for the game. He was listed as doubtful for the contest between the NFC East rivals, meaning he has a 25 percent chance of playing.

    Nicks banged his knee making a catch in the fourth quarter against Tampa Bay." Read more...



    Giants matchup: Philadelphia Eagles

    Excerpt: "What’s at stake

    Giants: In what should be an ultra-competitive divisional race for the entire season, the Giants do not want to put themselves in an 0-2 hole. The defense played exceptionally well against Cam Newton and Carolina and now faces a multifaceted attack with similar tendencies. RB Ahmad Bradshaw is expected to start after missing the last game-and-a-half with an inflamed disk in his neck. RB Andre Brown (33 carries, 184 yards, 3 TDs) has played great in his absence and should provide a 1-2 punch. WR Hakeem Nicks (foot/knee) was downgraded to out Saturday and will miss his second straight game, so Eli Manning will look to spread the ball around again as he did against the Panthers. S Antrel Rolle (knee laceration/bruise) has started all 35 regular-season games since joining the Giants as a free agent in 2010. That is the second-longest streak on the team after Manning’s 122 consecutive starts. He returned to practice Friday and his presence – likely a game-time decision — will be key in a secondary that won’t have rookie CB Jayron Hosley and will have CB Corey Webster playing with a cast on his broken right hand." Read more...

    Giants' Cruz returns to where his salsa began

    Excerpt: "
    The anxiety of the moment began to overwhelm Victor Cruz as he raced untouched down the sideline with about 30 yards to go.

    He already had bounced off one defender and immediately side-stepped another, but that was the easy part, his football instincts taking over following the biggest catch of his life.

    Sure, the Paterson native would go on to make plenty more during his record-setting season with the Giants last year. But Cruz will never forget the significance of his third reception as a professional, and neither will the Eagles.As Giants coach Tom Coughlin suggested last week: "That’s where it all started." Read more...






    GIANTS 101

    Giants' Rolle will play against Eagles

    Excerpt: "Unlike wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, who didn't travel with the team, New YorkGiants safety Antrel Rolle (knee) was listed as questionable and expected to be a game-time decision. However, head coach Tom Coughlin informed ESPN's Sal Paolantonio on Saturday that the veteran would be active on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    This news will come as no surprise to Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell, who fully anticipated Rolle would play from the get-go.
    "He never misses a thing," Fewell said. "[He'll play]. I don’t think there’s any question about it." Read more...

    Giants' Hakeem Nicks downgraded to out against Eagles

    Excerpt: "Anyone that was still holding out hope that New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks would pull a miraculous Jason Witten-type turnaround and play on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles can now let go. The team announced on Saturday that Nicks would not make the trip to Philly and was downgraded to out.

    Although he had adequate rest for his foot, it was unexpected knee swelling that will cause Nicks to miss his second consecutive game. In his absence, Domenik Hixon, who is returning from a concussion, will take over Nicks' spot with Ramses Barden again finding himself bumped up the depth chart due to injury." Read more...


    Giants' Victor Cruz responds to Atlanta Falcons' Roddy White: "I got a ring at home"

    Excerpt: "On Thursday night during an NFL Network interview, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took aim at New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz for the second time this year. When asked who was the best duo in the NFL, he named himself and teammate Julio Jones. But in taking it a step further, he questioned what Cruz brings to the table by saying "Victor Cruz is much more of a slot receiver. The big boys play on the outside."

    When asked about the comments on Friday, Cruz shrugged them off and gave an answer that should end any debate about whether or not he's a "big boy."
    "I couldn't care less about what anybody else has to say," Cruz told the Star-Ledger. "I got a ring back at home. I don't care about whatRoddy White has to say." Read more...

    Michael Strahan, Tiki Barber top list of former Giants nominated for Hall of Fame

    Excerpt: "t's hard to believe it's really been five years since defensive end Michael Strahan hung up his cleats and walked away from the game, but as nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013 were named on Thursday, it served as a stark reminder that time flies. Strahan was one of 13 first-year eligible modern-era candidates, and one of 16 nominees with ties to the New York Giants." Read more...

    Giants' Hakeem Nicks unlikely to play Sunday

    Excerpt: "After missing a week three game against the Carolina Panthers, New YorkGiants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said it was merely because of a quick turnaround and that he would play in week four against the Philadelphia Eagles. However, when Big Blue revealed their final injury report on Friday afternoon, Nicks was listed as doubtful with both a foot injury and a swollen knee." Read more...



    Philadelphia: Birthplace of the salsa...Victor Cruz style

    Excerpt: "
    It all began in 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field.

    With injuries to Mario Manningham and Domenik Hixon, Victor Cruz had the opportunity to make his first NFL start. All that was important was for Cruz to seize the opportunity and show the NFL world what he's got.Boy, did he ever.

    Cruz had his first two career touchdowns that Sunday, and introduced the world to his touchdown salsa dance. "That was the first salsa. There's been a lot of salsa's since then," said Cruz." Read more...

















    Countdown Daily Prediction: Giants vs Eagles - VIDEO

    Diehl targets week 5 return

    Excerpt: "David Diehl is going to have a tough night on Sunday.

    The veteran tackle is going to miss the Giants-Eagles game. It'll be the first rivalry game that he's missed in his 10 years in the league.

    Diehl will miss his second straight game due to a knee injury.

    "It's tough not making this trip," he said.

    Diehl, the team's starting right tackle, injured the MCL in his right knee against the Bucs. His status beyond this week is also unknown -- but he hopes to return next Sunday against Cleveland.

    The Giants shifted starting left tackle Sean Locklear to right tackle and inserted Will Beattyat left tackle after Diehl went down against Tampa. The team will likely use the same configuration on Sunday night. " Read more...





    Giants' WR Hakeem Nicks ruled out for Eagles' game

    Excerpt: "On Friday, Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks was listed as doubtful ahead of Sunday night's matchup with the Eagles. A day later, he officially has been ruled out with what appears to be unanticipated swelling to his knee.

    Which means quarterback Eli Manning instead must rely on wideouts Victor Cruz, Domenik Hixon, Ramses Bardenand Rueben Randle, and tight end Martellus Bennett. It's not reason enough to feel sorry for the Giants. Manning and the offense had little trouble with the Panthersin Week 3 despite a Nicks-less pass-catching corps. Barden led all receivers with nine receptions for 138 yards and Bennett added six catches for 73 yards. " Read more...














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    Alright-not alot more to say or write.
    Giants will be fine.


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      Originally posted by Old Giant View Post
      Alright-not alot more to say or write.
      Giants will be fine.
      If we play our game for 60 minutes there is no game we can't win
      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1


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        thanks Roanoke!

        Cruzs "I gotta ring" comment should shut Roddy White up!

        great comeback by Cruz! lol


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          Originally posted by BigBlue1971 View Post
          thanks Roanoke!

          Cruzs "I gotta ring" comment should shut Roddy White up!

          great comeback by Cruz! lol

          I thought that was classic
          “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1