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  • Webster.....

    First off let me start by saying I'm a first-time poster, long-time reader. I realize I don't have the respect of the "elders" on this forum but I've been watching the Giants since 88.

    The issue....Corey Webster looks like what comes out of the wrong end of a horse. I take nothing away from the guy playing hurt, and the excellent play he's had in the past years. This DOES NOT excuse him for the play of this year. He's getting beaten like a drum. I also realize we don't have many options to switch out at this point. Just wanted to see if anyone out here sees what I see, blown coverages and soft presses with missed tackles. The answer? No idea, but his play of late does not match with his resume.

    I hate to post a negative on my first post, this will change in the future. Good luck in the second half, and GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

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    First post and this is it....

    He's played bad this year and it doesn't help that he's injured now. Hope he can turn it around.

    Our corners have NEVER gotten any safety help over the top... ever. We don't have that benefit because of injuries every single year.
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."


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      no answers here.
      Go Blue!!


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        Webster is no longer in his prime. This is the natural progression of an aging secondary player. He is still the best we have. Hell have to hold up for us to have a chance this season.


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          Don't forget that most offenses have number one receivers. Most of them are going to get a lot of yards anyways. Look at Fitz of the Cards and look at our own Cruz. The safety over the top can help as well by being a emergency just incase the number one receivers beats Webster deep, the safety can help so Webster can do extra things.