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Another game that got away.

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  • Another game that got away.

    Well it literally slipped away, there were many chances to get this win. But in all honestly I don't think the Giants played good enough to win.

    The INT in the end-zone was no good, Eli didn't look sharp tonight, but I didn't like the play call at all, the goal there is to at least get a tying field-goal, I wouldn't have minded it if they ran it 3 times. Gilbride gets the blame.

    Did Bennett play? I don't know why Eli isn't throwing to him, I don't think he was covered all day long. The one time he throws his way, an INT.

    Barden's OI penalty, well, that just shows that Barden hasn't arrived yet. It would be oh so easy to blame everything on Barden, but Eli was kind of chucking it too for some reason when all they had to do was get 5~10 more yards. And I don't know why Eli went downfield on 4th and short, if the PI wasn't called it would look really bad on Eli.

    On the field-goal try, I thought Tynes would make the 2nd one for sure, but never thought that he would kick it short, was the wind blowing against it? Anyway anything beyond 50 yard is not a gimmie, so not going to get too upset about that.

    I hope KP is ok though, if not, the secondary might have some trouble without any pass-rush help.

    Anyway, I guess I don't have to worry about Cleveland being a trap game anymore, and when Nicks comes back, and Bennett shows up in the 2nd Philly game at home, I think we'll win.

    I'm sure the Giants will get no respect in the media circle tomorrow, and that's how I like it, and for the sake of the team.

    The next 2 games will really tell me where this team is.