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  • unacceptable

    I watched this game and watched the better QB, better coaches, and better d front lose. We are a class better than them. They have one area that is better than the giants and that is the run game. The loss is on enexperinced WRs, and the oline. When healthy we have the better receiving core too. Frustrating loss.

    when TC took over the team he broke the season down into quarters, well we are 2-2 in the first quarter and 0-2 in the division. We need/have to beat the browns! We can lose to SF but that will hurt since we are 0-2 within the division and a conference loss will be huge on top of that. The good thing is philly has pitt next week and a tough 4 games after and we still meet up again. We have to go 3-1 in the next quarter to put us at 5-3.

    Never start the first qaurter 2-2. tough loss tonight. Good win for phily they should fee good about themselves b/c they beat the better team.