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What i've noticed about PF (NOT a blame thread)

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  • What i've noticed about PF (NOT a blame thread)

    This goes back the past couple of years. PF tends to hold his linebackers in coverage and even a lineman if we're heavily depleted in the secondary. And that is as any DC should. I've given him a lot of **** for his Sheridan imitation defense, but he's less afraid to blitz when the secondary can hold up. He also did some safety blitzes in this game which turned out well (Stevie is baller by the way, we need to go to 3 safety nickel more often with this guy).

    We had so much rushing 3 last season and got lit up as QB's had all day to throw. Then Prince gets healthy and between him, Ross, and 2011 Webster the secondary holds up enough that we can start sending linebackers on a more regular basis. Hence Boley getting 2 sacks on Rodgers, etc. Then in this year, we start seeing zero pressure on romo in week 1, as we have freaking tryon back there getting burned by some guy whose name starts with an o that i cant remember. Week 2 has much of the same problem, although improved as the game progressed. Then week 3, we get to have Hosley and Prince on the field at the same time. You start seeing linebackers blitz more often as well as extra men containing the mobile QB. Carolina scores only 7 points and we get a ton of pressure on the QB.

    TL;DR, I'm starting to warm up to this guy, and wish he could have a secondary worth a damn to use so he could back up the pass rush.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    I really agree. Its better to drop some and keep the game close. What does a PF do? Say "Cover 2" "Cover 1" its up the players to execute.
    Just remember Kevin Love makes more money then OBJ, and OBJ also dunks better.