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    To tell you guys the truth i am relatively a new member here (couple months) and at first i always read a select few peoples comments who ( "old timers"- 1,000 + comments)i felt were over critical on guys like myself who like to push boundries on perhaps free agents moves or draft pics ect.. After week one and the loss to Dallas i was on the boards and noticed all this s**t talking about giants players ,that for me to consider yourself a fan is unheard of. Since week one i have not been back on the boards.. Until tonight after are loss against philly ( whom is my most hated team) i see "tynes sucks" and "ramses barden is terrible" and s**t like this and with all the anger i have towards the loss i still dont have it in me to talk s**t about my guys who put their *** on the line every week during the season. For me i think the giants fans are considered one of thee most respected out there and it makes me sick to think i have fellow fans who in a heart-beat of a play can suddenly shun guys on OUR team, and AT THAT be the same guys who are the first to cheer and would say "ramses barden is savior " or some sh*t. If a guy on the board is s**t talking about OUR team point him out and dont let him troll these boards and make me sick every time i read another terrible post. We are the New York Giants not the New York Jets get ur sh*t together and have some dignity for yourselves and the team u cheer for.

    ps. sorry for the vent/ had a terrible day/ plus the giants game rubbed me the wrong way .Godbless
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    As the years have move by the comments seem to get more ridiculous and immature.
    i blame it on poor upbringing and ignore them.