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You get the SHINE you get the WHINE!

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  • You get the SHINE you get the WHINE!

    I got to say I didn't have that normal feeling of confidence during that last drive. I miss Nicks and so did Eli.

    ELI WHY THROW TO BARDEN???????? WHY?? Nooone backs Eli like his mother but damn ELI thats -1 bro. BAD THROW!!!!! BAD CALL!
    My crituques

    1 HIXON!!!! GO GET THE BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! This guy is a classic alligator arm. Also constantly waits for the ball. CC could say nothing wrong about Hixon but I don't think he and Eliu will have a great rep with one another. Eli needs guys that will match his SACK! ELI HAS CHOPS and he needs a go to use his arms and go get it. Or Eli will throw many picks,

    2-Coughlin-Not your finest hour. Where was Brown? Where was Ramses???? Ramses comes out there late in the game and shows you he wants to play. Eli could not get it going because of #1 ^. Ramses is aggressive and had he been out there longer we might have done more.

    3-What was the play call on that Ramses offenseive?? AND can anyone say MAKEUP CALL!!! I mean sure they called some bad calls on that last drive but that Ramses was a makeup CALL! TERRIBLE.

    4-Osi- Lady Gaga owns you. I mean even I know to CONTAIN!!! JESUS.

    2-2. We will be in the playoffs. But losing 2 in the division with a red hot SKins team is not good boys.

    This needs to be cleaned up a bit

    3-2 after Cleveland with a tough schedule ahead
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    Hixon had 6 receptions for 114 yards.

    Jerry Reese. The Adrien Robinson of GM's.


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      I don't want to beat this guy up. I like what he has to offer and I think with Nicks out there he can be another CRUZ. But he can't be a #1 with Alligator ARMS.

      FYI-My Grandma can have 100 yards in this offense. Did you see ELI SHOE THAT BALL I HIS CHEST. He catches with his body not with his hands.

      Stats don't excite me. I understand the game of football. He uses his body versus being a guy that aggresively goes for the ball. Eli is too much of a risk taker to have a guy not aggresively go for the ball.


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        Obviously Hixon is not as good as Nicks and never will be. That's why he's 3 on the depth chart. He played well yesterday.

        Jerry Reese. The Adrien Robinson of GM's.


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          This is my critique of his play. In no way shape a form the reason we lost. He played well enough to win. He actually played good. I am just simply saying he is not a stud nor can he be and I am not sure why he got so much attentino every Ramses had a big big week against a good Defense. Its like the coaching staff got too cute and wanted to catch the egirls off guard. Anyone in there is going ot catch the ball. We have a 2 TIME SB MVP who is carving his way into canton.

          Eli was terrible by the way