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Does Osi have the ability to stop the run?

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    McCoy ran to Osi's side every time and Osi was nowhere in sight.


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      Seriously though guys, how embarrassing is his pass rush sometimes? Can someone make a video??

      He rarely gets to the QB anymore and his dancing in front of the OT is getting old.

      He will just literally come off the ball run towards the OT and studder step side-to-side, side-to-side with his hands in the air just kind of swatting at the OT's shoulder pads. Its EMBARRASSING he needs to hit the weights big time, he is too small. Too bad he should have done that 6 years ago and is now obsolete. My guess: This is his last year in the NFL.

      I mean just compare Osi and JPP, JPP could toss Osi to the moon. So could Eli, I bet Eli weighs more than Osi
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        Originally posted by pthere55 View Post
        I think if he were more discipline he would be able to stop the run.
        Exactly, CDN_G-Fan said it best. He does seem like a 4 yr old chasing a ball on run plays because all he look for is sacks and nothing else.
        Reese, gone. Check! Bench McAdoo Doo, gone. Check! Let's Giants 2018.