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The good and the bad!

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  • The good and the bad!

    Hixon ran some nice routes and made some nice catches. Route Tree Randall is showing me little. Granted his snaps are few but he looks average. Apparently his work ethic is an issue. Coughlin does'nt put up with a poor work ethic,JJ must really be stinking it up in practice. Blackburn looks awful slow out there. He's got couch speed. Wilson showing waaaay more than JJ or anyone else has on kick returns. He will one day be our #1 back. Will Hill is goona be a stud. He looks like a player. Osi looked really really bad on containment. Coughlin's presser, he talked a lot but said little. I believe he knows better decisions could of been made. It will be nice to get Nicks and Rivers back.