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Thoughts on the game lastnight

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  • Thoughts on the game lastnight

    We had the game in our hands. Eli looked scared out there about getting hit. alot of his throws he threw on his back foot or while turning to avoid getting hit. Baas; what is his problem snapping?

    to sum this up; we win as a team, we lose as a team. we beat ourselves. Barden bear hugging the defender... dropped passes, the play calling was atrocious. Sucks being at .500 but it is what it is. Coach coughlin needs to light a fire in these guys.

    But no matter what; I still love the G-men. Gmen for life!

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    Yes, TC needs to light a fire and also under his butt as well. The decision making process in pro football is a critical part of the game. If you have one bad decision you lose a game, not just lose a series and go 3 and out! TC's decision at the end of that game was putrid. Go Giants!


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      I did not get to watch the game. Work was just too busy last night. I did get to listen to some on the radio. I guess it was as bad as it sounded. I still dont understand why we tried a pass play at the end, after we were already in field goal position. I figured try to run one up the gut for a few more yds. Tynes is usually lights out at about 42 yds. It killed me when i checked the Giants app and saw it was 2nd and 19 from the 37. WTF! I was hoping for a miracle sideline pass in 6 secs for 15 yrds. I didnt think Tynes had a 54 yrd foot. Guess i was right. What a gut bust.
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        Well the thing that hurts is the E-girls only had 4 D-lineman rushing and the rest were covering......Should have ran the ball then E-girls would have called timeout or even if they didn't we still would have plenty of time to spike the ball and kick the field goal