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  • I still want to know...

    How the refs ruled the desean Jackson"catch" after reviewing it and called incomplete on the field. That ball clearly hopped off the ground into his chest. Even if he did have a hand under it I couldn't clearly tell from the replay enough to overturn the call. I thought that was a no brainer, I know it didn't amount to anything but that was bad.

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    His hand was on the ground and it actually looked like it bounced off his hand.


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      I was at the game. Also had Fan Vision in my hand. We were able to replay it over and over on the Fan Vision. The Giant fan seated behind me agreed it was a tough call but stated his hands did look to be under the ball. Hey, pretty much an evenly played game. Could have went either way. They will learn from it and move on. That goes for both team. Eagle's special teams were horrible. Giants O line was great. Shady was great on the ground. See you at the next game to see of the Eagles make it 9 wins out of last 10 games;-)