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  • Keys to Brown's Game

    Brown's Offense- The rookie qb is a solid pocket passer stands tall steps into his throws. Being a young qb he does not check in and out of plays against show blitz rather the play calling is desingned to keep the blitzs off balance. Offense has trouble sustaining drives due to drops, penalties, and early check downs. Send four man pressure, keep everything underneath to make the offense slowly drive the length of the field. Mix in late timing blitzes while covering the check down to hb (main go to check down being hb running around the line then back over the middle).

    Browns Defense- Prefer to play man to man. Lb's are good in coverage so it is best to spread them out and get them away from their base 4-3. Their zones are designed to intercept the passer with three and four man pressure and very little zone blitzing. They play the run well out of man coverage and poor out of zone coverage. Motion man/zone reads work well against them with the man read being beat man pass plays and zone read power run, draws, screens, and park zone/hit seems plays.