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  • Awful Announcing......

    You won't hear anymore Collinsworth, Michaels, Aikman or Buck bashing from me.......

    I was driving up from Maryland last night during the game and the only station that would come in was the Philly I had the unpleasure of listening to this joke Merrill Reese do the about an utter and complete homer who sounds like he has a permanent **** lodged in his throat. Awful awful awful......I understand home radio stations typically are less bias than national broadcasts but this was unbearable. Him and his butt buddy call every Eagle play as if it should have been a TD and they call it that way LIVE so you think it's a huge play occurring and then after the play is over they chime in with "loss of 4" or "incomplete pass." The only way to gauge what was actually happening on the field was to try and focus on the crowd noise and reaction behind these two clowns......awful awful awful......I kind of feel bad for Philly having to listen to those two.

    It was interesting when 660 started coming in and they were reviewing the Jackson catch we were flipping back and forth to get each team's read on the call.....obviously Bob and Carl were saying no catch and the Eagles schmo's were saying 100% catch during the review.

    The only thing worse than listening to half the game from the Philly side was finally getting home and in front of my tube to see the kick fall three yards short.......but it does make me appreciate how blessed we are to have guys like Bob and Banks calling the game and to have had great's like Gordon and Lynch......the best ever.

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    This board has been anti Collinsworthless for years, but I can't imagine listening to biased commentary. That is absolute torture, but I am not shocked by groupie/fanboy commentary.


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      Originally posted by G.I. Ants View Post
      This board has been anti Collinsworthless for years, but I can't imagine listening to biased commentary. That is absolute torture, but I am not shocked by groupie/fanboy commentary.
      Collinsworth is a great analyst. he sees things and comments on things that are extremely insightful. The guy instantly sees things going on in the O line that no one else ever sees or comments on.
      We can argue about his personality and nonsense like that, but he knows the game and relays it very well to the audience.
      Aikman is a complete dunce compared to Collinsworth.
      It's not Eli's fault....It's the chemtrails!!!!


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        I have to agree, Collingsworth is terrific. He actually voices an opinion and doesn't stick to bland observations. I'm not as big a fan of Michaels, but you have
        to give the guy his due. He's called some monster games over a 30+ year career, the guy wouldn't be around this long if he wasn't good. Listen to Terico and Gruden tonight and tell me you don't like the Sunday night guys better.

        I couldn't care less about the sideline reporters, Siragusa included. They bring nothing of value to the broadcast. Any sideline news they obtain could easily be given to a producer on either sideline who relays the info to the guys in the booth.

        Simms and Aikman are my favorite analysts though, they're both great.


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          Sorry, I didn't even read the part about the local Philly broadcast. Yes, Merrill Reese is terrible and his partner, Mike Quick (Eagles receiver from the 80's) can barely speak. I hope there's nothing physically or mentally wrong with Quick, because then I'd regret bashing him. If he's healthy and just dumb and inarticulate, I just feel bad for the guy.

          The funny (or sad) part is that Philly fans think that Reese calls a fair game and anyone else is 'Anit-Eagle'. They treat the local hockey and baseball broadcasters the same way. They don't say much about the Sixers unless they're in the Finals. I think that Philly fans need to hear constant praise and excuses for their teams because of how insecure they are as afanbase and as a city, but that's a whole other post.


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            I don't get to watch so many cbs games, so i would like to know is simms really as negative as he sounds in madden 13? just wondering why almost every comment he sounds like a pessimist.


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              The only commentator duo that I can't stand is Aikman and Buck. Collinsworth isn't bad he gives credit where credit is due.