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Shrug it off and let's go again(lot of text)

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  • Shrug it off and let's go again(lot of text)

    Ok. Here we are. 2-2. We have the same record right now as the patriots and the packers. We've lost 2 divisional games so far. Why am I not worried? Because we lost 3 divisional games last year and 2 of them were against the worst team in the NFC east and we STILL BECAME champs.

    All we really need to do is get in the playoffs and the way that the cowboys are playing? They might just beat themselves. Hell the eagles might just beat themselves if they start turning it over again seeing as they have a hard schedule.We played our hardest division rival, in their homefield, WITHOUT OUR STAR RECEIVER and we still made them fight for their life and were just a few inches off a Tynes kick from winning. A few mistakes like that chokehold that one of the O line made( even though it cost us a chance, it still looked badass), Mannings pick, or not using Brown enough, get Nicks back, and we're back on track.

    We host the browns next week and the eagles GO to Pittsburgh.Ask me who you think will win and lose those? If the steelers were going to Philly, I'd say the eagles win, but they're not.

    I'm a little dissapointed in some fellow giants fans. We've won 2 super bowls by doing terrible in the regular season and sneaking into the playoffs and fans are still shocked by stuff like this. Not to mention the fact that we're known to lose to the eagles.

    Look at the schedule ahead.

    Browns= Big win.

    @9ers= This is tough but the way we beat them last year and the whopping the vikings gave them gives me hope(we all knew the jets suck without Revis and now they don't have Holmes so try not to take too much from that game)

    Redskins= I don't see another upset like last year in this giants age

    @Dallas= This is a tough one but I'd say we lose, unless the cowboys beat themselves

    Pittsburgh= If this was in Pitt, I say we lose but with the steelers being as crippled as they are and it being in NY, it's a win.

    @Cinncinnati= This team is terrible against the run which should allow Bradshaw and Brown to feel comfortable.

    Green Bay= These guys aren't the same, they were shut out by the seahawks and nearly lost to the Saints. Close win since it's in NY

    @Washington= Once again, no upsets

    New Orleans= 0-4 right now. Struggles outside. No defense on pass or run. Win.



    Eagles=Not sure. The recent game was just WAYYYYY too close for me to say that we'd lose right there. This is undecided.

    The regular season won't even matter. All we need is getting in the playoffs.