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The New IR Rule

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  • The New IR Rule

    With Kenny Phillips and possibly Hakeem Nicks out for the foreseeable future, why don't we use the new IR rule on one of them? Where you can put a player on IR and then take them off at some point during the season? Makes sense to me. Especially since we need to make room for Sash by Saturday.

    I completely forgot about this rule.

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    cant understand why no one chimed in on this Thread you made?????

    Seems logical if the training staff thinks either of those players will be unavailable for the next 5 weeks plus then why not use it. I dont know the exact rule. i do know unlike before you are allowed to put 1 player a season on a Temporary IR and bring him back at some point later. I dont know if theres a certain amount of weeks you need to leave them on there... I am remembering something about 8wks. If thats correct that could be why they are unwilling to use it on people like Nicks and Phillips.

    But with Sash now available theyd have to make a roster move anyway to allow him to play.

    And we do have a kid named Douglas that may be able to help short term while Nicks heals up..

    Anyone what to weigh in on this new Rule and exactly how it works??
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      KP has an mcl sprain and is week to week, he could return for the 9ers game easily.
      we dont know whats going on with nicks but its just as likely the swelling isn't anything serious. ppl forget nicks had knee swelling last year. i think it was bc with his foot thing, he doesnt run for most of the week but on sunday he goes full out. knee could just be sore and swelling bc of a flammatory issue which doesnt have to be serious. he could end up playing vs cleveland for all we know. ppl go "well TC said he was concerned." I dont know if I've ever heard TC NOT use the term concerned when talking about ANY injury. he said he was concerned about beatty the same week beatty returned so...?


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        With the new IR rule, the player must be on IR for 6 weeks and can't play in a game until after 8 weeks of being placed on IR. You also only get one of those per season.


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          I don't see us temp IR'ing KP or Nicks... though I could see us using it tactically on Ojomo (kinda like Victor Cruz spent his rookie season on IR)

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            I think the coaches knows about the rule and who to apply it to....
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